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  • Shield Type – Shielded
  • Mount Style – Thru-hole
  • EMI Suppression performance
  • Peak solder rating 260 degrees C
  • LEDs – LEDs (available bi-color). Also available without LEDs
  • Packaging -70 units per Tray, 280 units per box (carton)
  • Carton Weight – 4.8 kgs Gross Weight
  • Carton Size – 35x25x26 cm


Download Spec Sheet

Part Number & PDF Description
10GB LAN Connector 1×1, 8P15C- Tab Down



10GB LAN Connector 8P12Cr- Tab Down- Cross for Intel X540-AT2 PHY IC needs 5 CHANNEL (including sensing and canceling common-mode noise circuit
10GB LAN Connector 1×1, 8P15C- Tab Down
10GB LAN Connector- Multi-Port 1×4
XMH-PJABQ63VNUA-M 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2×1
XMH-JBB4054SN-M 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2×2
XMH-JDM1037SP-M 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2×4
XMH-PJHA403SNR-M 10GB LAN Connector – Stacked 2×8


XMG and XRJG Features

Type PCB Mount

Thru-Hole (THT)

Number of Ports

Up to 16 Ports

Shield and Unshielded


Connector Type

10 Gigabit


Magnetic Integrated

Magnetics Speed

Magnetics 10 Gigabit



Tab Location

Down and Up

LED Color Options

LED Color Chart

Number of Positions

10 Positions

Number of Contacts

10 Contacts

RoHS Compliant


Solder Temperature

230 TO 240 degr.C 5-10 SECONDS

Solder High-Temp Option

260 degr.C 5-10 SECONDS

High Temperature Option

-40 to +85 Degrees F

Operating Temperature

-0 to 70 Degrees C