Please contact Xmultiple for your specific requirements. or (805) 579-1100


  • Shield Type – Shielded
  • Mount Style – Thru-hole
  • EMI Suppression performance
  • Peak solder rating 260 degrees C
  • LEDs – LEDs (available bi-color). Also available without LEDs
  • Packaging -70 units per Tray, 280 units per box (carton)
  • Carton Weight – 4.8 kgs Gross Weight
  • Carton Size – 35x25x26 cm


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Part Number & PDF Description
RJ45 One Port Magnetic Connector (Tab Down), 10/100Mbps, with and without LEDs



10GB LAN Connecto 8P12Cr- Tab Down- Cross for Intel X540-AT2 PHY IC needs 5 CHANNEL (including sensing and canceling common-mode noise circuit ).
10GB LAN Connector 1×1, 8P15C- Tab Down
– Please call 805-579-1100
10GB LAN Connector- Multi-Port 1×4
XMH10-9721-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2×1
XMH10-9812-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2×4
– Please call 805-579-1100
10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2×6
XMH10-9812-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector – Stacked 2×8


XMG and XRJG Features
Type PCB Mount Thru-Hole (THT)
Number of Ports 1, 2, and 4 Ports
Shield and Unshield Available in Shield and Unshield
Connector Type RJ45
Magnetics Magnetic Integrated
Magnetics Speed Magnetics 10/100Mbps, 1 Gigabit and emerging 10 Gigabit
Packaging Tray Options
Tab Location Tab Down
LED Color Options LED Color Chart
Number of Positions 8 and 10 Positions
Number of Contacts 8 and 10 Contacts
RoHS Compliant Yes
Solder Temperature 230 TO 240 degr.C 5-10 SECONDS
Solder High-Temp Option 260 degr.C 5-10 SECONDS
High Temperature Option -40 to +85 Degrees F
Operating Temperature -0 to 70 Degrees C