Recently Filed Patents and Patent Pendings

The Xmultiple 4,978,317 US Patent was the founding patent for RJ connectors with integrated LEDs. Our many patents and on-going patent filings show we have innovative technologies in the electronic marketplace as well as the connector and interconnection solutions industry.

 The following overviews below are short explanations of some of the features of our patents and patent pending technologies. For our protection the wording used in these overviews is not the exact working used in the patent pending fillings.

10Gigabit Ethernet Univeral Connector

Filed 2010

The 10GB Universal UltraMag connector is an RJ connector which has the capability to have different 10GB transformer components integrated. The transformer components are easily inserted and removed with our patent pending design. The wide area on the back of the Universal is designed with enough room to house any 10GB transformer in the marketplace. Also integrated inside the Universal UltraMag is a printed circuit board with a locking mechanism so the transformer can be inserted and then locked in place on the PCB. We have multiple 10GB semiconductor companies who are providing their transformers for integrating their transformer into an RJ45 connector housing. Our XFZT 10GB transformer, integrates into the universal connector as well. The advantage of our Universal 10GB solution is the integration the transformer and connector results in a higher level of EMI protection. The shield surrounds the 10GB component and the RJ45 connector providing this protection. The other major benefit is that the component and RJ45 contacts mate inside the RJ45 connector thereby reducing EMI compared to solutions where the component and connector are separated and connected by traces on the printed circuit board. The longer distance to make this connection between the component and connector is much more critical in higher speed 10GB transmission. The Universal UltraMag is the best way for the component and connector to perform for 10GB.

The major benefit of our design of the Universal 10GB RJ45 connector is it permits users to insert and remove components. A user of our Universal 10GB RJ45 connector has the capability to purchase 10GB transformers from multiple sources. Second sourcing reduces leadtimes. There is also the advantage of removing failed components without expensive repairs. When you add up all the advantages you can see that our universal solution will be embraced by many users.

10Gigabit Ethernet Plugs and Cables – U.S. Patent 6,764,333

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet GigaPlug is designed with insulation displacement terminal technology for each wire located in the RJ45 plug. The insulation displacement terminals are individual metal shields for each wire to eliminate crosstalk and EMI. A 10G RJ45 plug style with internal shielding of the pairs is the next generation of RJ45 plug. Only the very last tip of the wire is exposed for termination. Reduces cross-talk in the RJ Male Plug and increase performance as a result. With the GigaPlug, high-speed 10G Ethernet performance is made better by the use of a shielded RJ male plug. This male plug connector can be manufactured in two ways.

(1) Ultra GigaPlug version with 16 to 20 contacts, 8 to 10 on top and 8 to 10 on the bottom. This version would need a Ultra Giga Female RJ Jack to work.

(2) Standard GigaPlug – Would work with a standard CAT 5, 5e, 6 jack. but with the addition of the internal shielding.

The new Gigabit technology makes connecting Gigabit Ethernet networks a better connection for homes and businesses. We want to bring Xmultiple’s new technology to your attention. Our company, Xmultiple is well known for our 3,498,317 for integrating LEDs into RJ connectors.

To use GigaPlug connectors is easy. Simply connect the GigaPlug at the end of your twisted pair wiring by inserting the each wire through its metal shielding. The metal sheet in the male plug will prevent cross-talk between each individual wire in the connectors. It is as easy to connect as a standard RJ45 connector.