Xmultiple Announces ‘Security Integrated On A Chip In The Xsmart Connnector’

Xmultiple announced a new approach to networking and computer security. Xmultiple was granted the #9,509,109 patent which embeds security into a microprocessor chip which integrates into a RJ connectors used for all connections to the Internet.

Putting “security on a chip integrated into a RJ connector” sounds like the right kind of approach to stop unauthorized access right at the connection source. As Mr. Alan Pocrass, CEO of Xmultiple Technologies, Inc., explains it, “security on a chip integrated into a connector” does not mean just stuffing antivirus into silicon, it is also about managing and securing computers, networking, and mobile devices right at the source of the connection. The emerging Internet of Things (loT) marketplace is radically changing our world. Estimates suggest that in the next 4-5 years, 30 billion to 50 billion “things” will be deployed. These devices will range from relatively simple sensors to complex data collectors and they will require security right at their source.

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Xmultiple Receives Avaya Key Supplier Award

Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. received the “Key Supplier Award” from Avaya and a Certificate of Appreciation during the Suppliers’ Day Event in Singapore. This award recognizes Xmultiple’s key customer service and sales effort to support Avaya in meeting their requirements for connector and component products for the interconnect solutions and telecommunications markets.

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USB Type-C Connectors – Simpler, Faster and More Powerful. The Type-C is the next generation of USB connectors and cables which will be easier to use and able to push more data faster. USB connectors have become the connector of choice for some manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is the desired means to connect mobile devices to power sources and to other devices. The Type-C plug may be the single most important USB connector ever developed and will be used to link everything from a smartphone, tablet, PC’s keyboard and mouse to external storage devices and displays.

Offset Magnetic Stacked Connectors – Improve your enclosure design with our offset connectors. The Xmultiple’s offset connectors meet the needs of your design requirements. The four port 2×2 stacked modular jack is a solution for all applications. The offset provides reduced signal interference and easier connectivity. The connector exceeds data rate of 1 Gbps, so it is ideal for all your high bandwidth Ethernet applications. The XMH is available with and without 10/100Mbps or 1Gbps Magnetics.

USB Connectors Tiered and Offset- Patent Pending. Our custom USB High Profile connector is tiered and offset to permit components to be placed in the offset area. This connector was designed to save valuable space on printed circuit boards and to use the maximum amount of area when configuring a board layout which uses USB connectors. These are available with or without optional alignment pegs. For a custom design please call us and we will help you with your requirement.

X-SMART Connector Series- Patent #9,509,109. The Xmultiple X-SMART Connector Series combine RJ connectors with MicroSD card reader connectors. Xmultiple has developed an innovative line of RJ / MicroSD combo connectors to include versions also integrated with USB, HDMI and eSATA connectors as well.


X-SMART Connector Series RJ and HDMI combo connector. The Xmultiple X-SMART Connector Series combine RJ connectors with HDMI connectors. Xmultiple has developed an innovative line of RJ / HDMI connectors to save valued printed circuit board space.

X-SMART-USB Combo – USB Connector and MicroSD- Compact Size for Smartphones, Tablets and Mobile Devices. – Xmultiple X-SMART-USB combo USB connector and a MicroSD card connector integrated in one small form factor. This connector is available in standard A and B, mini and micro USB connector types. The MicroSD card reader connector specifications of the X-SMART and X-SMART-USB combo connectors is listed below. Patent #9,413,126.


10GB UltraMag Connectors 




2xN Power Over Ethernet RJ45 with Gigabit and 10/100Mbps

XRJH and XMH Series of connectors from XMULTIPLE. The XRJH Series of 10/100 Base-TX and XMH Series of Gigabit Stackable RJ45 2xN with or without LEDs integrated magnetics designed to support applications such as Switches, Hubs and Power over Ethernet switch/hub systems.

XMH-YL PoE 2xN Series DataSheet

SFP and QSFP Fiber Optic / Copper SFP and SFP Plus & QSFP

The XSFP connectors are compact hot-pluggable optical transceivers which are designed to be used in optical communications for both data and telecom applications. Our XSFP connectors assemble to printed circuit boards for switches, routers and interface these devices to a fiber optic or unshielded twisted pair networking cable.


X-Sealant Anti-Corrosion- Harsh Environment Solution

Xmultiple’s X-Sealant GEL RJ male connectors provide sealing and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor equipment. The X-sealant RJ male connectors are designed to seal the individual wires and contacts within both the male RJ connector and the female RJ connector it is mated with once they are connected together.