Xmultiple manufactures precision interface connectors and components. Xmultiple Technologies was formed specifically to develop interconnection solution products. Xmultiple has become a “Leading Source for Connector Innovation”.

The connector product lines include RJ connectors, SATA/eSATA, SIM card connector, SD card connector, USB connector, HDMI connector, Headers, Ribbon connectors, RF connectors/convertors, Combo connectors, DC Power, AC Socket and RJ magnetic connectors with integrated components. Xmultiple’s X-SMART connector series of products include combo connectors with RJ/MicroSD, USB/MicroSD, HDMI/MicroSD, eSata/MicroSD and more all used in Smartphones, Tablet computers, desktop, laptop, notebook, telecommunications equipment, networking equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, and many emerging mobile devices. Our component product lines include LAN modules, power inductors, common mode chokes, and emerging high speed transformers. The connector industry is a mature industry. The market size of global connector industry in 2012 was, up 30%. The market of desktop computer connectors is dominated by international large scale enterprises. Demand for advanced product features, high-speed, convenience, and connectivity is driving the connector manufacturing industry. The industry is forecast to reach an estimated US $60 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 4.8% over the next five years (2012-2017). The tablets and desktop computer market is providing growth momentum for connectors and components at a high volume level. Connectors are an important electronic component for a mobile phone, and their quality is directly related to the quality and reliability of the mobile phone. Connectors are widely applied in industries including automobile, computer, telecommunication, manufacture, consumer electronics, aviation and military industries. Xmultiple is a global manufacturer of connectivity products supporting all applications and requirements for all these industries. Xmultiple is headquartered in the United States with multiple manufacturing factories throughout Asia.

Global Interconnect Solutions

XMULTIPLE is a leader in the marketplace for RJ connectors with visual indicators.   The RJ/LED connectors are manufactured in a variety of configurations of ports. Multi-port connectors include 1,2,3,4,6, and 8 ports. Stackable connectors are configured with 2,4,6,8, 12 and 16 ports. The XMULTIPLE RJ/LED products are available in thru-hole and surface mounted.  XMULTIPLE was established to develop, market and sell these innovative RJ/LED connector products and cabling systems.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality electronic connectors, networking/computer products, fiber optic products, and premises cabling. Xmultiple has created the innovative XP1-Power cables providing rechargeable battery backup integrated and built into sync/charging USB cables. XP1-Power cables are patent pending.

Our Brand —How the Xmultiple’s Name Impacts The Connector and Component Market

2017 marks the 18th year that Xmultiple has been manufacturing and marketing interconnector solution products and services to small, midsized and large companies. Xmultiple Brand Name

X-SMART Connector Are Used for SmartPhones, Tablets, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Ultrabooks and New Emerging Mobile Devices.

The Xmultiple X-SMART Connector Series combine RJ connectors, USB connectors with MicroSD card reader connectors. Xmultiple has developed an innovative line of RJ / MicroSD and USB / MicroSD combo connectors to include versions also integrated with HDMI, eSATA and other connectors as well. Our MicroSD connectors have been designed to reduce memory card fly-out and sticking problems. Our X-SMART connectors are an excellent solution to reduce printed circuit board space on motherboards and other desktop peripherals. With the expanding use of MicroSD cards for smartphones, tablets, cameras and other mobile devices, users of these devices want an easy way to access the information on their MicroSD cards with their desktop computers and other desktop devices. The Xmultiple X-SMART MicroSD connectors are available in various profiles with high capacity MicroSD cards with 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and the new emerging 128GB.

Xmultiple Customer Key Supplier Award

Xmultiple Receives Avaya Key Supplier AwardXmultiple Technologies, Inc. received the “Key Supplier Award” from Avaya and a Certificate of Appreciation during the Suppliers’ Day Event in Singapore. This award recognizes Xmultiple’s key customer service and sales effort to support Avaya in meeting their requirements for connector and component products for the interconnect solutions and telecommunications markets. 

SFP and SFP+ Cages with Integrated LEDs

The Xmultiple X-CageLite now provides LEDs integrated in small form factor pluggable cages. One or more LED visual indicators. With the X-CageLite a user can use any manufacturers cage and simply snap the X-cageLite housing over the top and side of the cage on the side with the transceiver opening. Prior to X-CageLite users had only one solution if they wanted light indicators which was a lightpipe concept.

RF Coaxial Connector Product Line

Xmultiple designs & manufactures an extensive line of radio frequency (RF) coaxial connectors used in wireless telecom applications including PCS, WiFi, radio, custom designs, computer networks, test instruments & antenna devices. Our premium line of RF connectors are available in both 50 and 75 ohm versions, and are designed to provide the highest quality data transmission for audio, video and data applications. Included are BNC, “N”,”F”, UHF, TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX and more.

High Density Dual and Multi-Function RJ Connectors

Available in single, multiple and stackable versions. The UltraJaX connector system completely changes the way RJ connectors are designed and implemented into networking, telephone and computer products. It doubles the number of RJ connections compared to standard RJ connectors. With UltraJaX use either existing RJ male plugs or the revolutionary new UltraJaX high density male plug that doubles the number of contacts.