X-Sealant Gel is Designed for Harsh Environments. Xmultiple X-Sealant is Anti-Corrosion protection for all Connectors.

X-Sealant Gel is used on all connectors to provide a hazardous environment solution when required

Xmultiple X-Sealant Gel Chemically Coats Connectors

RJ Style Connector contact pins material is made of phosphors bronze by most connector manufacturers. The phosphors bronze material remains the principal material for use of RJ connectors in computers, networking devices and for other electronic products for the industries in the communications, automobiles, appliances, and industrial machinery equipment marketplaces. Because of phosphor bronze metals vulnerability to attack by aggressive chemical environments or even from simple atmospheric oxidation, metal coating is necessary to provide various degrees of protection. Xmultiple has developed a chemical coating sealant which is applied to the contact pins and to the metal shielding material if the RJ connector is of the shielded variety. The metal shielding of the RJ connectors is made of copper alloy and tin plating. In general, corrosive environments contain more than one active material, and the coating must resist penetration by a combination of oxidizers, solvents, or both.

X-Sealant GEL By The 3oz. Cartridge, 14oz.Can, Gallon, or Barrel (30 Gallons)

X-Sealant Gel Cable Benefits

  • In freezing temperatures remains free flowing
  • Integrated Gel does not run, drip, or evaporate
  • Repels dirt, dust, grit and grime
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Reduces friction and wear during insertions
  • Increases Mating Performance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Resistance to water and humidity
  • Will not dry out or form harmful abrasive deposits
  • Temperature range of -45 degrees F to +185 degrees F
  • Contains special corrosion protection additives

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X-SEL 648
X-Sealant GEL Cartridge

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X-Sealant GEL 14oz. Can

To order X-Sealant GEL from our site email orders@xmultiple.com or call
805-579-1100  MasterCard and Visa accepted.

Volume Discount- 30lb. Pail

X-Sealant XSEL-8203 , 30lb pail – $312.87 per pail.

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