Input/Output Connector Product Details - Drawings


Input/Output Series of Connectors
HM Series - Backplane Connectors XMPCI - PCI and Mini PCI Express Assembly
XUSB Series - USB Connectors XDVI & XDSB Series - DVI and Sub D Connectors
HDMI Series- HDMI Adapters, Cables and Connectors PCMCIA Assembly Series - Male & Female PCMCIA Assemblies
Card Reader Connectors - SD,XD,Compact Flash,Memory Stick XDCP DC Power Jack Series- - DC Power Jacks
XFL and XSCS Receptacles Ribbon Connectors and Flex Cable Connector Series - Ribbon Connectors XBTB Series- Board to Board Connectors
PJ Series - Audio Connectors XPHD & XSBB Series - Header Assembly Connectors and Terminal Blocks and Strips


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