BackPlane Press Fit Connectors

2mm Hard Metric Connector
CompactPCI Power Connector
AdvanceTCA Power Connector
MicroTCA Power Connector
MicroTCA Signal
DDRII Connector
D-Sub Connector
FutureBus Connector


2mm Hard Metric Connector

The Xmultiple 2mm hard metric connector is a 5+2 Row or 8+2 Row interconnect system for high density high performance backpanel/daughterrcard applications. The MetCo-2 connector system consists of 8different signal types. Each types contains 5 Row or 8 Row of signal contacts plus an optional 2 Rows of ground contacts for EMI/RFI shielding. Xmultiple 2mm hard metric connectors are designed to the requirements of IEC 1076-4-101 and are the connector style used in CompactPCI and VME64 Extensions applications(VME64x).

CompactPCI Connector

Designed to meet Compact PCI Power Interface Specification PICMG 2.11 R1.0 for Zone 1 Connector
Provide redundant power and system management
Combines Power and Signal, 20 DC Power contacts 3 AC power contact and 24 signal contacts.
Eurocard form factors
Hot Swap ability
ĦEVertical Card orientation

AdvancedTCA Connector

The Xmultiple ATCA provides an open architeture framework for building high-density, high-avalaiblity telecom infrastructure systems. The Xmultiple ATCA's high-performance switched fabric, which supports full mesh as well as dual star configurations, delivers a throughput of 10 Gbits/s per link, ten times that of PICMG 2.16systems. This flexible, high-performance fabric, coupled with a large form-factor (8U) high power capability (up to 200w), hot swappability and redundant 12C-based IPMI system management, make Xmultiple ATCA ideal for implementing complex control, access and packet processing functions on a single field-serviceable blade.

DDRII Connector

DDRIIĦ]Double Data Rate IIĦ^Next generation of DDR, Two times speed faster than DDRI (Four bit data read/write capability) Adopt 1.8 voltage greatly reduce the thermal also adopt three new technology OCDĦBODT and Post CAS.
DDRII connector 240pin compare to DDRI 184pin.

D-Sub Connector

Offers a comprehensive line of press-fit PCB D-Subminiature connectors for backplane applications
PCB D-Subminiature product line consists of all plastic and shielded vertical mount male and female connectors available in 9, 15, 25, and 37 positions.

MicroTCA Connector

MicroTCA complementary to the PICMG 3.0 Advanced TCA where is high capacity ,high performance application, Micro TCA is design to address cost sensitive an d physically small applications, With lower capacity performance and perhaps less stringent available requirement ,Micro TCA preserver many of the important philosophies of advanced TCA including basic interconnect topologies and management structure .
Full conformance with AMC.0 module definition
Favorable size cost and modularity
Target low start-up costs
Scalable backplane bandwidth

BackPlance Connector Series
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