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Xmultiple is dedicated to satisfy our customers with fast, responsive services to every inquiry, please don't hesitate to ask any question. Sample and Requests for Quotation are provided with urgency by all our engineers, technical staff, sales people, representatives and distributors. RFQ are responded to immediately by telephone or email.

Listed below are some of the major reasons Xmultiple is favored and selected by buyers and purchasing departments looking for connectors and component in the interconnect industry. We are known for our quick quote responses and fast sample deliveries.

In-depth expertise
Technical responses are managed by a team of Xmultiple's Industry Specialists. They have extensive knowledge of major industries and experience in connectors and components.

Precise matching
RFQs are provided to customers and potential customers to meet their company's specific requirements.

Step-by-step guidance
Xmultiple's Industry Specialist will guide you to the right connector or component for your requirement. They will arrange samples and provide quotations for your forecasted volume levels. Xmultiple is one of the world`s leading interconnect solution companies. Our website has millions of buyers, and engineers who visit our site for information they need for their specific needs. Our online website "Chat" will provide instant answers to your questions as well. Please visit our website to find the part for your project.

    The Xmultiple Website provides a wealth of industry and product information:

  • We provide a top-tier website to assist you with all your connectors and components needs.
  • Online Chat for instant answers to your requests.
  • "Picture Search" of Interconnect Solution Connector Products
  • Design Center for you to configure the exact connector for your requirement.
  • Product Drawings provided without any need to register on our website.
  • Brochures, Datasheets, Catalogs and Presentations for download
  • Listing of Major Interconnect solutions tradeshow worldwide where you can find Xmultiple products.
  • Interconnect Solutions Market Analysis and Data
  • Technical Resource Information on Xmultiple and our products.
  • Competitive Cross Information and Listings
  • Glossary of Terms for the Interconnect Industry


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4. To meet your needs, please provide any comments you have regarding the website so we can serve you better.

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