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iXP1-500 - Troubleshooting

Message related to USB power

The message below may occur on some computers which use the iXP1-500 and the XP1Power devices. Using a car adapter or a USB hub will assure you do not see this issue related to the power capacity of the computer you are using with the iXP1-500.

This message is very rare and we have only seen this happen with a Macbook on a rare occasion as well. .



There are multiple solutions, if when using the iXP1-500 USB power adapter you receive the above screen message. First, there are procedures you can take to reduce the power which are drawing power from your computer's USB ports. So reducing the number of devices will correct this power consumption issue on your computer. All computers have limitation on the number of USB devices normally plugged in an draw power. To many devices connector will cause your computer to draw too much power.

Solution 1: The solution is to unplug some other devices from your computer. Even your Ethernet cable connected to your computer draws power from the computer. You have to maintain enough power to drive your iXP1-500 and you will not see this message and draw more power than your computer can handle.

Solution 2: We understand as a computer user you do not want to unplug any devices. There are solutions besides unplugging devices as well. One solution besides unplugging other USB devices is to unplugging external devices such as hard drives, CD recorders, etc. This includes firewire cables.

Solution 3: Use a USB hub. Using a powered USB hub would work best to correct this power issue and your iXP1-500 will work fine. There are many small inexpensive USB hubs on the market and Xmultiple sells these devices as well.

Solution 4: If you are using a computer with both USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 ports. If the iXP1-500 is connected to a USB 1.0 port, reconnect the iXP1 to one of the available USB 2.0 ports.

Solution 5: The iXP1-500 is made to operate with your USB ports on your computers. If USB ports are disabled these ports can be reset and enabled. Go to your Control Panel and click on the "System" icon. Click on USB ports and enable any ports which have been disabled.

Summary: One of the issues about the USB bus is that it provides power to the devices plugged into it, providing of course that the device does not draw too much power. Each USB port has a 500 mA power limit, and if you plug too many devices into the port by using a non-powered USB hub it can display the message "drawing to much power." The iXP1-500 works with most USB hubs and therefore plugged in alone to a USB port, the iXP1-5000 is not drawing the full USB power limit.

It is possible to draw too much power on your computer collectively from all the USB ports. When this happens not all of your devices attached to USB ports will work. If you do not want to use a powered USB hub you can unplug a few devices and this will also correct the problem for most computers with this issue. The iXP1-500 is made to work with your car adapter and power consumption is not an issue when using your adapter in this way.

Note: If you Macbook is trying to do anything else when you plug in your iXP1-5000, including being plugged into a network, you will most likely get this message. A powered USB hub should fix this. The Macbook is designed to help maintain battery life, and therefore doesn't have the robustness of a desktop. Due to this, it's USB ports cannot handle heavy power requirements, as both ports share the same power, where on a desktop or powered hub, the ports have more power available to them.

See related Apple Inc.article:


iXP1-500 - When Attached Does Not Sync your iPad

Question: I received the iXP1 Power Adapter today. It does exactly what you say. I can now charge my iPad at the computer where I could not before. However, iTunes does not see the iPad when plugged in through the adapter.

Answer: The iXP1-500 is designed to charge your iPad only. You have to remove the iXP1-500 power adapter to sync from your USB cable. The iXP1-500 has a pinout configuration necessary for the power circuits integrated resistors to provide the voltage to charge your iPad. This pinout does not permit the sync function when the adapter is attached to your USB cable.

Note: In our patent pending we have a button as an option which provides sync and you can toggle back and forth between charging and sync. However, this would increase the pricing and we do not think most people want a more expensive iXP1-500 model to have additional functions. Enjoy your iXP1-500.



XP1Power Cable - Troubleshooting

The XP1 is a very simple product to use and most users never experience a problem.

1. No connection is made after plugging in the XP1 cable to both the USB computer port and the attaching device.

Solution: Un-plug and re-plug all connections.

2. *If an Error occurs the XP1 LEDs will all illuminate simultaneously. This means the XP1 not connected properly to the USB port of your computer.

Solution: Check the USB connector and iPhone/iPod connector for dirt or an obstruction. We move any foreign material and reinsert the XP1 cable.

3. When your iPod/iPhone is connected to the XP1 and the XP1 is connected to a computer using a USB cable the iPod/iPhone will not synchronize with iTunes or transfer any data.

Solution: This problem is normally a software issue and it is recommended that your reboot your iTunes software.

4. Is recharge from a USB port fast and easy.

Solution: Yes, The power that is available from USB ports differs depending on their design however they should all work with the XP1. . Recharging the XP1 should take approximately 60 minutes after you plug it in to a computer USB port. For the fastest recharge time, use a USB port from a AC-USB adapter. Alternately connect the battery pack to a USB port which is located on your PC or laptop. Do not recharge using an auxiliary USB port on a keyboard or extension cable.

5. XP1Power is not automatically performing a Sync when plugged in to a desktop computer or laptop..

Below is a the attachment sequence required for the XP1Power when attached the USB connector to a computer or laptop. The order in which you attached the XP1Power cable is required to sync, charge and power your XP1Power properly. When using the Apple connector to attach an iPhone, iPod and iPad you must attach in the proper sequence or your unit will not synchronize until the attachment sequence is perform in the correct order.

Steps to Attach your XP1Power Cable

a. Connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to XP1Power

b. Then you plug the XP1Power USB connector into the computer.

c. The XP1Power will automatically start performing a sync of your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

d. If the sync does not start automatically, you should pull out your iPhone, and re-connect it to XP1Power and then it will sync. So the correct procedure is plugging XP1Power to computer firstly, then connecting iPhone to the XP1Power and in this proper attaching sequence it will sync properly. Therefore, always remember to attach your device to the XP1Power first and then plug the USB connector into the laptop or desktop computer..

Solution: First, Connect your iPhone to XP1Power. Second, you then plug the XP1Power USB connector into the computer. Attaching in this proper sequence is important and your iPhone, iPod or iPad must be attached to the XP1Power unit before the USB connector is attached to you desktop computer or laptop. Website Proper Attachment Link

Repair Damaged XP1Power Centers

Have you damaged your XP1Power Cable? If your accidentally pull off or loosen the USB or attaching device connector from your XP1Power cable? We have repair centers close to you. Repair is Fast And Easy With One Of Our Many Cable Affiliates Our XP1Power repair affiliate centers are staffed by some of the most qualified technicians in the cable assembly and repair business. If you have a connector which has been damaged, just call our cable affiliates and they will have you send your damaged XP1Power to them for a fast repair. They will let you know when it arrives and turn it back to you as quickly as possible (usually within a few business days).

Steps to Repairing Your Damaged XP1Power Cable

1. Call anyone of our cable assembly and repair companies. List of companies

2. Send your XP1Power to their facility.

3. Cable Affiliate Lets you know the unit arrived.

4. Your repaired XP1Power units is turn it back to you as quickly as possible (usually within a few business days).

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iTunes - Troubleshooting

iTunes Will Not Load Automatically - Other iTune Error Resolutions


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