In addition to the benefit of carrying only one battery backup cable instead of a cable and battery backup unit and battery case, etc. - Now cellpohone, iPhone, iPod and iPad users have additional talk time and surge protection.

A surge protector is designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector regulates the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground voltages above a safe threshold. The XP1 power cable has integrated surge protection to protect when Input voltage is more than 5.6V or less than 4.2V. Three LED's (red,blue,and green) illuminate simultaneously if the surge protection thresholds are exceeded to show the protection mode is on.

Surge protectors don't kick in immediately; a slight delay exists. The longer the response time the longer the connected equipment will be exposed to the surge. However, surges don't happen immediately either. Surges usually take around a few microseconds to reach their peak voltage and a surge protector with a nanosecond response time would kick in fast enough to suppress the most damaging portion of the spike. The XP1 is designed to react if the upper or lower voltage levels are exceed to assure a user has protection.

Advantages of Surge Protection Cable For a Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Smartphone When Charging.

Most cellphone users charge their cellphone or iPod's or MP3 devices using a power cord plugged into a wall outlet in their home, car or office. Our surge protection is very important because these are typically plugged directly into the outlet with no surge protection device. Most computers have some type of surge protector strip which the computer is plugged into during charging. Therefore, many may think the XP1-Power cable surge protection feature is less important to them when charging with the USB connector attached to the computer. However, it is not just about power strikes on the computer. The computer can cause a surge of electric to the iPhone, iPod or other cellphone which damages the attaching device. The XP1-Power protects the attaching device in this type of power surge situation. The XP1-Power cable provides the ultimate surge protection for charging/sync attaching devices.

Protect Your iPad Investment with Surge Protection

Apple's iPad is the most revolutionary device for computer users. With the XP1power your investment can be protected from damage from surge spikes when you are charging from an AC adapter or from a USB port on a computer. The XP1Power cable provides surge protection giving you the function everytime your charge, sync or connect to an electrical outlet. You are investing a lot when you purchase an iPad and the XP1Power makes surge protection as conveniently as possible with this function just built into your USB charging/sync cable.