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XRJM & XMM Connectors Recommended

Xmultiple offers a complete product line of RJ connectors with and without integrated magnetics, EMI tabs and LEDs. The RJ45 is a standard type of connector for network cables. RJ45 connectors are used with Ethernet cables systems and networks. RJ11 connectors are used with telephone cables. RJ11 connectors are only slightly smaller (narrower) than RJ45 connectors.

RJ45 connectors feature eight pins to which the wire strands of a cable interface electrically. Standard RJ45 pinouts define the arrangement of the individual wires needed when attaching connectors to a cable.

To assist you in your selection process we have list many of the standard RJ45 products in our XRJM and XMM Single and Multi-port Series below for your review. All suggested products with yellow/green LEDs (Color Code 1) and green/yellow LEDs (Color Code 4). Please reveiw color code chart for available the LED color selection. Code 0 is without LEDs. . All suggested connectors listed are with shielding. For unshielding please return to our drawings listing. For your reference, XRJM and XMM Series connectors are the same footprint and dimensions except they are produced in different Xmultiple manufacturing factories. Xmultiple has a corporate policy to backup the products our customers order. We have manufacturing in both our China and Taiwan plants for most of our products. This policy provides our customer with assurance for fast delivers and shorter leadtimes.

XRJM and XMM RJ45 Single Port and Multi-Port Recommended :

1 Port RJ45 Shielded XRJM-S-01-8-8-1 ProductSheet
1 Port RJ45 Unshielded XRJM-U-01-8-8-X ProductSheet
2 Port RJ45 Shielded XRJM-S-02-8-8-1 ProductSheet
2 Port RJ45 Unshielded XRJM-U-02-8-8-X ProductSheet
4 Port RJ45 Shielded XRJM-S-04-8-8-1 ProductSheet
4 Port RJ45 Unshielded XRJM-U-04-8-8-X ProductSheet
6 Port RJ45 Shielded XRJM-S-06-8-8-1 ProductSheet
6 Port RJ45 Unshielded XRJM-U-06-8-8-X ProductSheet
8 Port RJ45 Shielded XRJM-S-08-8-8-X ProductSheet
8 Port RJ45 Unshielded XRJM-U-08-8-8-X ProductSheet


XRJM and XMM RJ11 Single Port and Multi-Port Recommended :

1 Port RJ11 Unshielded XRJM-U-01-4-4-0-9Q1 ProductSheet
2 Port RJ11 Unshielded XRJM-U-02-6-6-0-902 ProductSheet
4 Port RJ11 Shielded XRJM-S-04-6-4-0-901 ProductSheet
4 Port RJ11 Unshielded XRJM-U-04-6-6-0-9C4 ProductSheet

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