X-Sealant Gel - Tubes and Cans- Harsh Environment Connector Protectant

Environmental Connectors X-Sealant GEL in Tubes for Easy Application


How does the X-Sealant GEL provide protection for electronic connectors?

X-Sealant is an exceptionally pure GEL because it is synthetic. This gives X-Sealant GEL very stable and predictable chemical properties. Many competitive anti corrosive GELs are made from refined crude oil and contain impurities which cannot be removed. These impurities interfere with film strength and wear protection. They also form deposits at high temperatures and solidify at low temperatures. Petroleum-based greases are formulated by adding lithium, calcium, or sodium thickeners to petroleum-based oil.

X-Sealant Anti-Corrosion Gel remains pliable, will not harden or crack and resists change due to mechanical working. Quality control measures insure maximum storage life and no oil separation of the compound. It is clear in appearance, and environmentally friendly.

Superior Benefits

  • In freezing temperatures remains free flowing
  • Integrated Gel does not run, drip, or evaporate
  • Repels dirt, dust, grit and grime
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Reduces friction and wear during insertions
  • Increases Mating Performance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Resistance to water and humidity
  • Will not dry out or form harmful abrasive deposits
  • Maximum temperature range from-45 F to +500 F
  • Contains special corrosion protection additives

X-Sealant GEL

Xmultiple's X-Sealant GEL provide sealing and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor equipment. Apply X-Sealant GEL directly to female and male connectors of any type. X-Sealant Anti-Corrosion Gel is a specially formulated high molecular weight connector gel used as a dielectric compound and as a corrosion inhibitor. It is a superior oxidation barrier. X-Sealant GEL is used in the patent pending Xmultiple X-Sealant GEL RJ male plug connector. The X-Sealant GEL is a multi-purpose synthetic lubricant, containing anti corrosion particles held in suspension.

X-Sealant GEL Anti-Wear Properties?

X-Sealant GEL contains a chemical which is the lowest coefficient of friction available in the marketplace. The chemical particles in X-Sealant GEL fill surface irregularities of mating parts and are compacted like snowflakes in a snowball to form a smooth, lubricated surface. X-Sealant GEL provides improved anti-wear properties, is waterproof, will not wash away by acids or alkalis, and resists temperatures to 750XF. X-Sealant Gel has excellent film strength and long life protection against corrosion and rust.

Call your local Xmultiple sales representative or distributor for pricing to purchase X-Sealant GEL tubes by the case. Each case has 12 tubes. The Xmutliple toll free sales line is 1-805-579-1100.





Listed below are frequently asked question regarding Gel application and use.

How often does this Gel have to be re-applied?

Answer: The number of times plugs are inserted will determine the number of times gel must be applied. If the gel is applied and the male plug is inserted, you will never have to reapply the gel again until 2 years or more of service. This is under normal useage conditions in a protected environment. If multiple insertions occur you will have to reapply the gel with each insertion. This is our recommendation however this gel is design to not run, drip or evaporate, so this is not absolutely required to reapply gel and the determination must be made by the user.

How many insertions of the male jack can there be before the Gel needs to be re-applied?

Answered above.

What is the recommended best practices for applying the Gel?

Answer: The 3oz tube was designed to make the application of the gel easy for the user. The gel is applied directly from the tube into the female connector. A small drop inserted on the contact pins inside the female is all that is required. The male plug is then inserted into the connector.

Could we potentially apply this to our jacks in the manufacturing process?

Answer: Yes, Users can have the Gel applied during the assembly process of their products.

The answer is also "Yes" if Xmultiple applies the Gel during our process of manufacturing a connector for a customer. However, if Xmultiple applies the Gel during our manufacturing of a connector the cost of the Gel inserted into the jacks during the manufacturing increases the pricing and has a MOQ.



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