iXP1-500 USB Power Adapter

iXP1-500 adapters are not water resistant. Should moisture get in your iXP1, the unit should be dried completely before reusing. If the iXP1-500 is submerged in water do not attempt to use the iXP1-500 or you may run the risk of electrical shock.

XP1Power Rechargeable Battery Cable

XP1Power customer should read our safety instructions carefully. It should be noted that failure to read and follow these safety instructions could result in electrical shock, fire, explosion, or other hazard, causing serious and/or fatal injury and/or property damage. For this instruction and safety guide this product is known as XP1Power and applies to all models of this product line. Your XP1Power is not user serviceable. Do not attempt to open and remove the battery or repair or modify this product. You can enhance performance by following all of these instructions.


All Safety Instructions are important and are listed below:

Protection ModeˇXWhen Input voltage is more than 5.6V or less than 4.2V, the three LEDs illuminate. it shows the input voltage is unsteady and XP1Power goes to protection mode.

Users of XP1Power Rechargeable battery should follow common sense and normal precautions for products made from batteries. The XP1Power users a battery manufactured with the highest of quality and with safety procedures. Please in using our XP1Power product do not take our battery unit apart or in any way disassemble, open, modify, drop, crush, puncture, or attempt to destroy the Xmultiple XP1Power Battery

  • The XP1Power contains a lithium-polymer battery, which is highly flammable as in the case of all batteries of this type. Therefore this battery must be keep away from open flame and fire.
  • Your XP1Power is not a children's toy and children should not play or use this product.
  • Always Inspect your XP1Power for damage before use. If you have any damage to your XP1Power have it repaired or replaced before use.
  • Do not insert any metal objects of any type into the connectors or the battery backup unit to avoid and prevent short circuit or other potential hazards.
  • The XP1Power connectors and battery unit section must remain dry. Users should not operate or use this product with wet hands. The XP1Power can lead to electrical shock if there is moisture of any kind present when in use. If the XP1Power is exposed to moisture during it use the user should disconnect the XP1Power at both connection ends immediately. If your believe your XP1Power has been compromised with moisture or by getting wet, please discontinue using the product and return the unit for our technicians to evaluate the productˇ¦s safety before using.
  • The XP1Power is made only to power the device listed in the user's guide. It would only be used with the intending device it was manufactured to operate with and no other devices which be attached to your XP1Power. Because of the high capacity of the integrated battery, the XP1Power may become warm during operation. During operation of XP1 this is quite normal. Your XP1Power should be used in temperatures between 50ˇV80˘XF (10ˇV27˘XC). Over heating must be avoided by keeping the area around the battery backup unit of the XP1Power ventilated. During operation do not place objects around the battery backup unit or connectors. If you are around a heat source, a heat vent, or in direct sunlight do not use your XP1Power.
  • Your XP1Power has two connectors at the ends of the cable which should be attached complete when using the product. The USB and device side connectors should be checked to make sure they are firmly connected. Please remember that loose power cables can generate harmful heat which can damage your XP1Power Cable.
  • If the XP1Power expands, swells, emits a strong odor, or becomes hot to the touch, discontinue use.
  • Leakage of fluid from a battery can occur. If the battery inside the XP1Power leaks for any reason discontinue using the product. If your skin come in contact with fluid from the battery by accident wash the affected area immediately with water. If your eyes come in contact with this material please seek medical attention immediately.
  • Do not leave the XP1Power on for prolonged periods of time unattended. When the XP1Power is not in use disconnect both connectors from their attaching devices.