PSOTG technology is a series of products which provide users with the freedom to use their MP3 player, cellphone and smartphones on the go. With PSOTG user have rechargeable battery backup devices to have the power they need whenever they need it. PSOTG is also a technology to allow users to easily download and upload data files between MP3 thumbdrives when they are away from their computers or not anywhere near an electrical outlet.

Xmultiple Technologies markets as well as OEMs its USB Power/Sharing-On-The-Go technology. This revolutionary USB Technology can be used in USB sync/charging cables, flash memory drives, cellphones, smartphone and many other products. The Power/Sharing technology is available with integrated flash memory card readers which can copy to internal flash memory built into products. The 3SOTG component chip we developed provides this copy capability.

USB Power/Sharing-On The Go (USB PSOTG) was designed as an extension to the USB 2.0 specification, which connects a PC via a USB cable to assorted peripherals. USB PSOTG adds a small amount of additional logic, however, which allows a device to copy data (files and folders) from one USB drive to another. In practice, this allows USB devices to copy information away from a laptop or desktop computer. The technology is simple to use just by inserting a thumbdrive to another thumbdrive and uploading and downloading files and folders. The XP1 cable takes the technology one step further by providing a user with the capability to insert a flash memory card into the reader in the cable and copying to flash memory which is built into the XP1 XP3500 series cables rechargeable battery unit section. This capability is only provide in the XP3500 version of of XP1 and is not a function of the standard XP2500, XPB2500 or XPS2500 units.

The technology USB PSOTG can connect devices as part of a personal-area-network. However, USB SOTG is a wired technology with a USB female connector from one device attached to the USB male connector on another device.

The XP1 USB Rechargeable Battery Sync/Charging cables will have flash memory card capability in the near future. The PSOTG capability to copy from the X1 integrated flash memory card to the internal flash memory built in the cable as well will be released as soon as mass production of the 3SOTG chip is implemented.

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