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Optimize iPhone/iPod Functionality with Seamless Battery Backup

Charges your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod battery and provides backup power when you need it. The way we use our iPhone and iPod leaves most users short on battery power during the day. But now there is an easy solution to have the power you need whenever needed. XP1 is a rechargeable battery backup built right into the sync/charge USB cable you use every day. Most people have multiple cables in their car, home and office. With XP1 all these cables become battery backup capable. XP1 is a smarter way to assure power is available at all times.

XP1 adds additional talk time and standby time. It increases the Wifi time as well. Our patent pending battery/cable operates exactly like the standard iPhone/iPod sync/charging cable that comes with your product. XP1 provides the benefit of carrying one cable instead of multiple items such as a cable, extra battery and a battery pack case, etc. . XP1 assures you have power in emergencies. And the XP is lightweight, slim and comes with an optional strap which keeps the cable coiled. We hope you will join the many users who have found the best way to have the backup power at their fingertips anytime it is required.

XP1Power is available in different lengths: 12 inches, 42 inches and it is also offered in a small compact retractable cable design for easy storage.

XP1Power / Xmultiple Technologies, Inc.
543 Country Club Drive, #B128
Simi Valley, Ca 93065