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XMM-S-01-8-8-0-9XM Low Profile Connector (No LEDs, 9.85mm Height) Series DRAWINGS>>


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Side Entry

XRJM, XMM, XRJK, *XMK with and without LED XRJM 1x1 Shielded, XRJM 1x1 Shielded, XRJM 1x1 Unshielded, XRJM 1x1 Shielded Low Profile XRJM 1x1 Shielded (LED) Low Profile XRJM 1x2 Pictures, XRJM 1x4 Pictures, XRJM 1x6 Pictures, XRJM 1x8 Pictures, XRJK 1x1 Pictures, XRJK 1x2 Pictures , XRJK 1x4 Pictures, XRJK Unshield 1x4 Pictures, XRJK 1x6 Pictures, XRJK 1x8 Pictures

Stacked 2xN and Low Profile RJ45 One Port and Multi-Port

XRJD, XMD & XRJDB Stackable and Low Profile RJ Connector 2x1 Pictures 2x2 Pictures, 2x3 Pictures, 2x4 Pictures 2x4 (No LED), 2x6 Pictures, 2x8 Pictures, 1x1 XRJDB Pictures, 1x2 XRJDB Pictures, 1x2 XRJDB Unshielded Pictures 1x3 XRJDB Pictures, 1x4 XRJDB Pictures, 1x6 XRJDB Pictures, 1x8 XRJDB Pictures , XRJDT 1x1 Offset

Combo RJ45 and USB

XRJB & XMB (USB/RJ45), XRJC RJ45/RJ11 Combo, XPJH & XMP PoE RJ Connector RJ45/USB Combo Pictures, RJ45/USB Combo Pictures, PoE 1x1 Pictures, PoE 2x1 Pictures, PoE 2x4 Pictures, PoE 2x6 Pictures, XRJC Pictures

Magnetic Connectors - One Port, Multi- Port and Stacked

XRJH & XMH Tab Up with Transformer RJ Connector Tab Up Magnetic 1x1 Pictures, Tab Up Magnetic 1x1 Pictures(without LED), Tab Up 10/100Mbps Magnetic 1x1 (Stagged), Tab Up 10/100/1000Mbps Magnetic 1x1 (Stagged), Tab Up Magnetic 1x1 small LEDs), Tab Up Magnetic 1x2 Pictures, Tab Up 10/100Mbps Magnetic 1x4 Pictures, Tab Up 1G Magnetic 1x4 Pictures Tab Up Magnetic 2x1 Pictures, Tab Up Magnetic 2x4 Pictures, Tab Up Magnetic 2x6 Pictures, Tab Up Magnetic 2x8 Pictures

Magnetic Connectors - Tab Down with and without LEDs

XRJF, XMF, XMG & XRJG Tab Down with Transformer RJ Connector XRJF Tab Down 1x1 10/100Mbps Magnetic (no LED), XRJF Tab Down 1x1 10/100/1000Mbps Magnetic (no LED) Tab Down Magnetic (with LED) 1x1 Pictures,Tab Down 10/100Mbps Magnetic 1x1 (Stagged) Tab Down Magnetic (no LED) 1x2 Pictures, Tab Down Magnetic (with LED) 1x2 Pictures, Tab Down Magnetic (no LED) 1x4 Pictures, Tab Down Magnetic (with LED) 1x4 Pictures

SMT Connectors

XRJS & XMS Surface Mount with/without Transformer RJ Connector Surface Mount Non-Magnetic, Surface Mount 10/100Mbps Magnetics, Surface Mount 10/100/1000Mbps Magnetics

Top Entry - Vertical Mount Connectors

XRJV & XMV Vertical Mount (Top Entry) with/without Transformer RJ Connector Vertical Mount Unshielded Non-Magnetics, Vertical Mount Flange Non-Magnetics Vertical Mount Non-Magnetic, Vertical Mount 1x2 Non-MagneticsVertical Mount 1x4 Non-Magnetics ,Vertical Mount 10/100Mbps Magnetics, Vertical Mount 10/100/1000Mbps Magnetics

10GB RJ Connectors

10GB RJ Connectors - High Speed Performance Connectors

RJ11 Connectors - Input/Output Connectors

RJ11 RJ11 Connectors Pictures

RF Connectors - Coaxial Components

RF RF Connectors

Terminal Connectors - Terminal Blocks and Strips

TerminalTerminal Blocks and Strips

DC Power Connectors & USB Connectors

DC Power DC Power Connectors Pictures

USB Connectors USB Connectors Pictures

Ribbon and Flat Wire Connectors

Ribbon/Flat Wire Ribbon Connectors Pictures

SFP Cages and Connectors - Fiber Optic/Copper Connectors

SFP Power SFP Cages & Connectors Pictures

Components- Transceivers and Passive Components

Passive Components Component Pictures

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