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Xmultiple has tool and press manufacturers we recommend to our customers for use in their contract manufacturers or customer's facility for press fit connector assemblies. These approved manufactures have a wide variety of press fit tools which are required for the different Xmultiple connector series. The presses include simple lever presses to the hydro pneumatic presses.

For assembly of RJ45 press fit connectors a flexible and reliable press is recommended which is manufactured by well-known tool and press manufacturers of this type of equipment. These companies have presses for the small, mid and high volume sized production needs. These presses are available with different controls, such as a simple step control, a PLC control, or a PC control. The press in force can be monitored on a display. Listed below are some of the recommended presses for RJ45 press fit connectors.

    BP-500E-60 Press
  • Program force from 1.2 lbs to 120 lbs
  • Small footprint and adjustable column with 11" of throat height adjustment
  • 8" x 6" base with keyway and two bolts for tool mounting
  • Two-hand non-contact safety controls
  • Positioning accuracy of +/- .0004" (.01mm)
  • Control force to a tolerance of +/- 10% of target point
  • Program with teaching pendant included with user friendly software for programming from PC; includes data output for SPC; software also allows the user to run the press from a PC
  • Store up to 15 programs
  • Closed loop servo motor and servo amplifier
  • Measures 11" x 11" x 27"
  • Program counter, repeat and loop capabilities
  • Weighs 40 lbs

In most cases Press Fit RJ connectors can be assembled to the printed circuit board manually. Manual, hydraulic- and pneumatic-powered presses are used for RJ45 press fit connector assembly. However for more fine control of forces and distances Servo-Electric press have more computer control however their cost is much higher.

Servo-Electric presses are controlled by PCs and they have been developed for highly controlled installation of press-fit connectors with pin counts over 10 pins. In these presses an electric servomotor drives a ball screw to provide the pressing force.

    Unipress 1000

    Unipress 500

Servo systems are designed for precision control of speed and position. Servo-Electric presses can be semiautomatic or fully automatic and are controlled by a personal computer. Please call us for a recommended press or tool for your application and production level.

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