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Connectors For Networking, Computer and Commercial Products
Xmultiple is a global manufacturer of connectivity products supporting twisted pair wiring communications, networking, RF/Microwave, test & measurement, broadcast, medical, military and industrial applications. XMULTIPLE is a leader in the marketplace for RJ connectors with visual indicators. 


Magnetic Connectors and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) - Single Port, Multi-Port, and Stackable

Magnetic/LED 2x1, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8 Stackable, Magnetic/LED. Vertical Mount RJ45/LED With Magnetics 10/100Mbps and 1Gigabit. Combo USB/RJ45 with 10/100Mbps and 1 Gigabit. Single port, Multi-Port with tab up and tab down with and without LEDs. Thru-Hole and SMT.
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10GB Magnetic Connectors - Single Port, Multi-Port

RJ45 With 10GB Magnetics. Single port, Multi-Port tab down with and without LEDs. Thru-Hole.
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RJ LED and Non-LED Connectors - Single Port, Multi-Port and Stackable

We had the founding patent (US 4,978,317) for RJ Connectors Integrated With Magnetics and LEDs within the RJ housing walls. We are committed to provide the lowest pricing and the best leadtimes for delivery. We have extensive series of products for all your requirements.
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RJ LED Connectors

10G Magnetic Connectors

Our patent pending Universal 10GB UltraMag connectors are RJ connectors with the capability to have different 10GB transformer components integrated. The transformer components are easily inserted and removed as well. The wide area on the back of the Universal is design with enough room to house any 10GB transformer in the marketplace.

UltraJAX Dual & Multi Function RJ Connectors

RJ11/RJ45 Combo Connector, UltraJAX Plus, UltraJAX with 4 LED, UltraJAX Wallplate. Another patented innovation of Xmultiple's. The future of RJ connectors can be based on the UltraJAX design.


RF Coaxial Connectors

SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX, Twin BNC, Type F, Type G, UHF, Twinax, Triax, SSMB, SMPM, SMP, SMC, Mini BNC, SC, QWS, WDS, Precision, MMCX, Mini 75 ohm SMB, Mini-UHF, FME, FAKRA, HN, BNC, AMC, AFI, 7/16, 1.0/2.3, and 1.6/5.6.


DC Power Connectors

XDCP-DC-005D(02), XDCP-SHD-2014-T, XDCP-020-04P(01) Series for all DC Power applications.

DVI Connectors

XDVI-S1-24-1-001(A), XDVI-S1-24-1-002(A), XDVI-S1-24-1-003(A), XDVI-S1-29-1-001(A), XDVI-S1-29-1-002(A), XDVI-S1-29-1-003(A), XDVI-P1-29-1-001(A).

DC Power Connectors

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