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Connectors For Networking, Computer and Commercial Products


USB Connectors

USB series B Receptacle, Vertical, Solder Type (Thru-Hole), 4pin Connector,Black Insulator, UL94V-0, USB series A Receptacle, Vertical, Solder Type (Thru-Hole), 4pin Connector, Standard Right Angle, Solder Type (Thru-Hole), 4pin Connector,White Insulator.

Fiber Optics

SFP and SFP+ Cages, Connectors and Transceivers. Design for all the high speed backbone networking requirements.

Fiber Optics

HDMI Connectors

XHDMI-A1-01-W(01), XHDMI-A1-02-W(01), XHDMI-A1-03-W(01), XHDMI-A2-01-W(01), XHDMI-C1-XXX-W(01), XHDMI-C2-XXX-W(01), XHDMI-F19C0-01-0W(01), XHDMI-F19S0-07-MW(01), XHDMI-F19S0-08-0W(01), XHDMI-F19S0-09-MW(01), XHDMI-F19T0-01-MW, XHDMI-F19S1-02-JW(01), XHDMI-F19S2-02-MW(01).


HDMI Connectors

Mini Din and Standard Din Connectors

Mini Din Right Angle PCB Mount: Shielded, EMI Gasket, 3-8 Contacts, Others Available Overmolded Cable Type: Mini and Standard. We have a complete line of Din connectors.

Circular Connnectors

Xmultiple manufactures circular connectors for industrial applications for signals, data and power. For you as a control cabinet or device manufacturer, it is a challenge to save even more time and money during system installations. Xmultiple connection technology reduces customer's installation times and cost with IP67,IP68,IP69K degree of protection. Our circular connectors covers the range of: various type of M5, M8, M12 and 7/8-inch and M16 for sensor / actuator connections.



Socket, Headers Connectors and Jumpers

Xmultiple manufactures Scart Sockets, Dual Row Sockets which are Straight PCB Mount. PCB Headers with Cable Latches with Standard Dual Row, Straight and Right Angle, 0.100 Inch Center Line IDC Cable Sockets which are for Flat 0.050 Inch Ribbon Cable, Polarized and Non Polarized. Box Headers Without Eject Levers Standard and Right Angle, 0.100 Inch Pin Pattern. Breakaway Pin Headers Single and Dual Row, Straight and Right Angle, 0.100 Pitch. IDC Transition Socket, PLCC Sockets both through hole and surface mount. Two Pin Jumpers, 0.100 and 2.00mm Pitch, Open and Closed Top.


X-RJAX RF Coaxial Connectors

XRJAX 9101 Female, XRJAX 9200 BNC Female, XRJAX 7101 Combo, Male Diecast, Keystone connnectors, XRJAX 6102, XRJAX 6040 Coax.

Board to Board, Backplane, Socket, Header, Ribbon, PCI, Centronics, SATA, Sub-D and Other Connectors

Xmultiple has an extensive line of connectors for all interconnection solutions. Please visit our product datasheet and product sheet pages.

LAN Components

Xmultiple has an extensive line of componets for all interconnection solutions. Please visit our product datasheet and product sheet pages.


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