Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation with offices in Simi Valley, California.. Xmultiple develops innovative interconnection products. Our patent pending XP1Power is a unique smartphone and cellphone rechargeable battery cable. Our patent for the UltraJAX connector makes each RJ connector equal to two RJ connectors. Each UltraJAX connector has two sets of internal contact pin points and the attached twisted pair cable has 16 wires compared to 8 wires used in non-UltraJAX connectors. Our patent pending FlashPoint ShareDrives/SharePlayer/ShareCard product lines use our Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) technology. Our SOTG technology is the world's first flash memory drive and flash memory MP3 player devices to have the capability to copy when a user is mobile. FlashPoint ShareDrives, SharePlayers and ShareCards are award winning products with patent pending technology.

The connection is made by simply attaching one devices USB male connector to another devices female connector. SOTG technology radically improves USB flash memory and MP3 player devices. SOTG provides the capability for ShareDrives to use remote copying function with many other USB enabled devices which as Cellphones, Camera's and much more. The branding strategy for ShareDrives is built around the identity "FlashPoint ShareDrive", "SharePlayers" and "ShareDrive".

Tiff format High Resolution available upon request

Media inquiries should be addressed to info@xmultiple.com or call our USA Office.