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Alan Pocrass
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 
Alan Pocrass is Chief Executive Officer of Xmultiple Technologies. Xmultiple is one of the fastest growing interconnection solution companies with business services worldwide. Xmultiple has locations around the globe. Before assuming his current position, Mr. Pocrass served as Chief Executive Officer of Plexcom, Inc., one of the leading networking companies in North America. Mr. Pocrass was a principal architect of the thin client technology used by companies to reduce computer services cost and the space required for deployment of computers and networking products.

Mr. Pocrass began his career as a manager with NCR Corporation. From 1982 through 1995, he developed patents related to the computer and networking fields while serving as Co-Chair of International Operations and CEO of QuantumNet, Inc. with offices in Taiwan, New York and London. During this period, he participated in the development of many patents related to the communications products industries and served on the boards of various companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Mr. Pocrass is a member of the Presidents Club of Ohio State University. Mr. Pocrass was educated at Ohio State University, where he has a B.S. degree in Marketing.

Dolores Tarczy 
President and Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Tarczy has over 30 years of senior financial and executive management expertise in high growth technology companies and public accounting. Ms. Tarczy most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of Plexcom, Inc, an early-stage privately-backed company that provided next generation fiber optical components and sub-systems to the telecommunications market. She also held positions as Chief Financial Officer for QuantumNet Systems. She has with over 25 years of experience in the computer and networking equipment manufacturing marketplace. During her career, Ms. Tarczy has been responsible for a variety of financial and general management functions, including investor relations, finance, operations, acquisitions and integration of acquired operations.

Mike Basowski 
Vice President Sales and Marketing 
Mr. Basowski is responsible for all channel and direct sales worldwide. He brings to Xmultiple over 30 years of sales and operations management experience in the Interconnection and Information Technology industries. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Basowski served as an Executive Sales Manager for Erni Components. He also served in a variety of executive sales, marketing, and operations management positions with Hirose Electric. Mr. Basowski joined Xmultiple in 2005.   Mr. Basowski is the founder of the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization Ventura County Blues Society and has a musical background. His organization and band sponsors charitable events every year which proceeds are donated back to the community.

Lee Adams 
Executive Senior Engineer
Mr. Adams is responsible for Xmultiple's engineering staff worldwide. Before joining the Company, Mr. Adams held global engineering leadership roles at QuantumNet, Inc., and the design and development of products for the 5,428,806 patent products with centralized racked servers integrated into one chassis with modules for networking, switching and routing. Mr. Adams served for nearly ten years in top executive engineering management positions at the Technology Solutions Group of Plexcom, Inc. Plexcom was one of the first companies to release 10Base-T networking products. He has more than 20 years of experience in the engineering and state-of-the-art electronic systems and products.

Paul Calderone 
Senior Executive Accounts Manager 
Mr. Calderone is responsible for operations, customer services, sales and marketing for Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Japan. Prior to Xmultiple, Paul was the Engineering Relations Manager for Summit Engineering Corporation located throughout the western United States. Mr. Calderone was a Project Services Manager for Plexcom, Inc., a global manufacturer of networking equipment marketed worldwide.

Marge Johnson 
Director Customer Services
Ms. Johnson is responsible for all customer relationships with year's of experience and knowledge of customer support and services including contracting agreements, and negotiating to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Prior to Xmultiple, Ms. Johnson was the service manager of Plexcom, Inc. and worked with marketing to provide structured sales quota goals and revenue expectations with 20 years of experience in planning customer fulfillment strategies, and successful public relations efforts. 

Don Diamond 
Human Resources and Quality Management 
Mr. Diamond is responsible for quality control, and customer support services, for Xmultiple products. Prior to joining Xmultiple, Mr. Diamond was the human resource manager for companies, where he managed a wide range of human resource departments. Mr. Diamond has extensive training in Quality control and implementation of quality control systems. In addition, Mr. Diamond provides consulting for new business development, and strategic marketing. Mr. Diamond has served in a variety of management positions in human resources in his prior positions.

Charlie Wang
Senior Executive Sales Manager Asia
Mr. Wang and his team are responsible for working with existing accounts and creating new projects for the entire Asia market. Mr. Wang’s background has been to work with contract manufactures located in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Mr. Wang has local market knowledge and more than 5 years’ experience as a sales manager. Mr. Wang has been responsible for sales in the Taiwan area with prior companies and he has experience in working with distributors. Mr. Wang graduated from College of Foreign Language Translation and majored in Business English.

Tony Lee

Major Accounts Coordinator Asia

Mr. Lee has skills in all aspects of logistics and client relations connecting Xmultiple Asia and the world. Mr. Lee has experience in all Xmultiple products and works with Asian managers, sales staff, engineers, and factory workers to insure strong customer support.



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