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For Suppliers of Raw Materials For The Manufacturing Of Xmultiple's Connectors and Components - Login

Supplier Expectations and Requirements

Supplier Web Portal Login

Welcome to our Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. Global Supplier Web Portal registration, current news and general information. Xmultiple suppliers of material are our prime partners and this portal is designed to make supplier information easy to access.

Supplier Update Information:

With the release of the latest REACH substances of very high concern (SvHC), EU RoHS II and other global compliance regulations, we have updated Xmultiple #722 specification (Supplier Requirements for Product Environmental Compliance).

This portal provides tools through the new Portal software to improve the feedback and control for materials schedules and leadtimes to improve our on-time delivery to our customers. The Supplier portal software improves the expediting procedures as well.

Checklist of Supplier Requirements to be Completed

Submit a signed Xmultiple Supplier Agreement
Submit a copy of ISO9001:2015 Certificate
Submit a copy of ISO14001:2004 Certificate or Status
Complete and submit Supplier Registration Form
Complete and submit Code of Ethics Agreement
Complete and submit End of Life (EOL) Agreement
Complete and submit Letter for Use of Conflict Materials
Submit REACH Compliance for Products Manufactured
Submit RoHS Compliance for Products Manufactured
Submit ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) Controls and Procedures
Submit RoHS Material Declarations Upon Xmultiple's Request

Supplier Login UserID and Password

Please Call Xmultiple Customer Service at 1-805-579-1100. if you have a Username or password problems with your login.




All Suppliers are provided a security clearance, UserID and Password to sign into the Supplier Portal. For Suppliers who do not yet have this information, we have a "Guest clearance for you to use the Portal until you are registered. Suppliers can access our Self-Registration forms once you sign in as a "Guest". Please time the word "Guest" in the UserID and please call us for a Guest Password and you will have temporary access to the forms you need. After you Self-Registration you will be sent a permanent UserID and password by email.

Supplier Account

Xmultiple and our Material suppliers work hand-in-hand to provide our customers with the best leadtimes in the connector and component industries. Our Min/Max Stocking Program is design to help our customers with stock for their future requirements. Xmultiple suppliers have these forecasts so they can plan these order requirements as well. Forecast by our customers provide the anticipated requirements for the products they order from us. Xmultiple uses this information to stocking products for timely deliveries.

Xmultiple - Supplier Operations Excellence Requirement Program (SOERP)

Xmultiple - Stategic Sourcing and Procurement

Xmultiple Suppliers EICC Declaration of Business Ethics and Compliance






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