Look for the Xmultiple, UltraMag and ON label on our magnetic connector products which are designed with our patent pending modular design assembly process. The Ultramag assembly process reduces the time required for the production of these connectors. This process provides Xmultiple/Xnnexa with the capability to reduce lead-times dramatically. How it works is simple. The process insures each connector can be tested before the final assembly of the magnetics. We use this UltraMag process to test before we insert the magnetics into the connector exterior housing. The magnetics and contacts of the connector are assembled in a modular section. After this final functional magnetic testing the units are placed in the connector completing the final assembly. UltraMag production volume levels are increased compared to competitive products not assembled with this process. The UltraMag system of assembly assures the magnetics are 100% tested before the final assembly and therefore eliminating the need to disassemble a final connector after discovering the magnetics does not test at 100% performance. The production time saved is critical to providing our customers with the products they need when they need them.

Magnetic Connectors with Tab-Up and Tab Down - with/without LED's - with/without EMI tabs
Single port, Multi-port and Stackable configurations (Thru-hole)
Reduces the number of components to be placed on the board
Frees up board space and offers signal protection
Noise reduction in the system
Improved reliability and optimal system performance
Benefits of having shorter signal paths and the reliability gains from systems containing fewer components
Helps manufacturers reach their goals of cost reduction



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