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If you own an iPad why you should buy an iXP1-500 and XP1Power

The Apple iPad is a tablet that looks rather like an oversized iPod Touch. It is a new category of device that will sit in between a smartphone and a notebook computer.

The Apple iPad has been designed for consuming media X watching videos, viewing photos, reading books and browsing the Internet. Its best described as a media consumption device, rather than a media creation device. If youre interested in typing up long documents or creating a 70-page PowerPoint slideshow, then the iPad isnt for you. All in all, its important to understand that the iPad is not a netbook or notebook replacement X and it wasnt designed to be. The iPad is design to be used for interactive computing, for gaming and for performing tasks with little keyboard input. The iPad has thousands of applications which provide information, content and interaction.

Once you own an iPad you are going to use it on a constant basis and it will not take long before you find yourself in a situation where you forgot to charge your iPad and now you are without power. The XP1Power provides battery backup power and the iXP1-500 provides a means to just attached your iPad to any PC to charge it. Look for our iXP1-500 in an electronics store near you. If you cannot find a local store you can purchase the iXP1-500 online.


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