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2017 Xmultiple New Product Release and Industry Information Updates -Call (Live)
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Founded in 1999, Xmultiple Technologies, Inc., is a leading supplier of Interconnection solution products and LAN transformers and LAN conductors and related products that enable electronic systems companies to rapidly and cost-effectively innovate and differentiate in their markets. Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Simi Valley, California, and employs thousands of people worldwide.

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Xmultiple has release its X-SMART combo USB/MicroSD (Patent #9,509,109) and Combo RJ/MicroUSB (Patent #9,413,126). Optionally the X-SMART connectors can have other connectors such as HDMI, eSATA and more integrated as well. Xmultiple Technologies was formed specifically to develop interconnection solution products. Xmultiple has become a "Leading Source for Connector Innovation".


The Xmultiple X-SMART Connector Series combine RJ connectors with MicroSD card reader connectors. Xmultiple has developed an innovative line of RJ / MicroSD combo connectors to include versions also integrated with USB, HDMI and eSATA connectors as well. Our MicroSD connectors have been designed to reduce memory card fly-out and sticking problems. Our X-SMART connectors are an excellent solution to reduce printed circuit board space on motherboards and other desktop peripherals. With the expanding use of MicroSD cards for smartphones, tablets, cameras and other mobile devices, users of these devices want an easy way to access the information on their MicroSD cards with their desktop computers and other desktop devices. With X-SMART combo connectors, MicroSD cards can be read and copied to a desktop computer without the need for adapters. The Xmultiple X-SMART MicroSD connectors are available in various profiles with superior wiping function to assure a good electrical contact with smooth and controlled card ejection.

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