Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation with offices in Simi Valley, California corporate offices are within 45 minutes of LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA.

Xmultiple has release its XP1Power Rechargeable battery USB cables which are patent pending. Xmultiple Technologies was formed specifically to develop interconnection solution products and flash memory products with Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) technology. SOTG Technology is a software/hardware solution to copy data files and folders when users are mobile. The Company has its first product based on SOTG with our product line of FlashPoint ShareDrives. The FlashPoint ShareDrives started production in June 2005. In July 2005 we delivered our first production of ShareDrive units to customers, resellers and distributors. A OEM approach whereby the SOTG technology is a chipset has been developed. and Xmultiple provides OEM services to companies with interest in our technology. Flash Drive hardware manufacturers worldwide can contact us for information regarding our OEM strategic partnership agreements. The Company recognizes that the prime use of its technology will be for the use in flash drives (thumbdrives/pen drives), flash card readers, cellphones and PDA type products. In addition to a revenue on OEM partnerships, the Company intends to pursue vertical application joint venture opportunities as well as opportunities to benefit from the SOTG technology being built into products such as cellphones and PDA's. The Company has develop a branding strategy built around the identity "FlashPoint ShareDrives" and "ShareDrives". In the future Xmultiple will release the XP1Power version with flash memory card capability. This technology can be combined with our ShareDrive technology as well.

Xmultiple has developed a patent pending USB power circuit which solves charging problems of pad computers. With our iXP1-500 USB power adapter simply attach to the USB cable and once inserted into any laptop or desktop PC starts the charging of their pad computers.