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Xmultiple Innovation - Xmultiple is known for Development and Design of Quality Connectors, Components and a Wide Range of Interconnect Products - Our Xsmart Connectors have Security Integrated On An Anti-Virus Scanning Microprocessor Chip - Patent 9,509,109


Patent 4,978,317 - Created RJ Connectors Integrated with lights

Brand identity cannot be dissociated from the creator¡¦s identity and the Xmultiple brand name is associated with our founder and the inventor of the 4,978,317 patent for RJ connectors with integrated lights. The influence of the "317" patent is in every connection people make to the Internet when they are attached to networking and computer equipment. The Xmultiple brand identity will always be linked to this '317' patent which was granted in 1980. The life of the patent has ended however the technology is present in today's connectivity products. The Xmultiple brand is woven into a set of values and a history of inspiration and innovation of connectors and components. Xmultiple understands the importance of second sourcing and we manufacturer our products to be pin to pin compatible with existing competitive products as well. The Xmultiple brand values are respected, and as our customer's know we are designing and developing leading edge new products for all of their requirements.


X-SMARTUSB Combo - SMT or DIP MicroUSB Connector and MicroSD

Xmultiple X-SMARTUSB - SMT MicroUSB and MicroSD card connector version is very compact with a height of only 4.3mm. Patent 9,413,126 - Granted on August 9, 2016


X-SMART - RJ45 and HDMI Combo Connectors

The combination of the RJ45 and HDMI provides a single RJ45 connector, or RJ45 Magnetic JACK or RJ45 PoE connector with an HDMI Connector. The X-Smart is designed so you can integrate two connectors on your printed circuit board to save space.

X-SMART Connectors - RJ45 With MicroSD Flash Memory and Optional Anti-Virus Security Processing Chip

The combination of the RJ45 and MicroSD Flash Card provides a storage capability right at the source of your connection. Now a single RJ45 connector, or RJ45 Magnetic JACK or RJ45 PoE connector becomes a powerful tool to process and store information. The X-Smart is designed so you can integrate a anti-virus scanning processing chip and magnetics. Patent 9,509,109 - Granted on November 29, 2016. Xsmart Connector Anit-Virus Processor Chip Release

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Customization Moves Products To A New Level

Xmultiple's custom products are an excellent resource for solving interconnects solutions. If you cannot find the right solution for your requirement, Xmultiple will work with you to develop the right connector. The key to our customizing connectors, components, LEDs and more is our willingness to work with our customers to provide what they want.


Custom USB Connectors Tiered and Offset - Concept to Reality.

Our custom patent pending high profile USB connector is tiered and offset to permit components to be placed in the offset area. This connector was designed to save valuable space on printed circuit boards and to use the maximum amount of area when configuring a board layout which uses USB connectors. For a custom design please call us and we will help you with your requirement. Patent Pending






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