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Data Centers

Board to Board
Cable Products


Terminals and Connectors
Wiring Harness

Computer & Server Products

Connectors without Transformers
Connectors with Transformers
Printer Board Connectors
Flash Card Reader Connectors


Terminals & Splices
Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable.
Cable Assemblies
Terminal Blocks and Strips

Mobility and Wireless Devices

Battery Chargers
Mobile Connectors (Cellphone, MP3 Players)

Test and Measurement

Ribbon Coax Assemblies
Cable Assemblies

Home Consumer Products

Desktop PC SATA and eSATA Connectors
Socket Connectors
Din Connectors
Adapers and Couplers

Solar Products

Solar Connectors
Solar Junction Box
Solar Inverters
Solar Accessories and Cables
Solar Cables
Solar Connection Diagram

Lighting Products

LED and Lighting Solutions

DataCom Products

Modular Jacks and Plugs
High Density UltraJAX modular Jacks and Plugs
Power DC Connectors
Power AC Connectors
USB Connectors

Consumer Products

Consumer Devices
Battery Chargers
Wireless Speakers
Tablet Covers and Wireless Keyboards
iPad Adapter (Charges iPad's From a PC)
Battery Chargers PowerSharks
Battery Chargers XP1Power Charges Integrated Into USB Cables


Routers, Switches, Hubs and Other Networking Products
RF Connectors
XRJAX Connectors
Circular Connectors
HDMI Connectors
SFP Cages and Connectors

Aerospace and Defense

Small and lightweigh Twisted Pin Nano Connectors
High Density Modular Jacks and Plugs
Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable.
Cable Assemblies

Commercial & Building Technology

RF Connectors for Building & Security
Wiring Harness


SCSI Connectors
Medical Interconnects
Fiber Optic Connectors and Cable.

Personal Computers

Laptop/Notebook USB/eSATA Combo Connector
SCSI Connectors
Desktop PC SATA and eSATA Connectors
Sub D Connectors

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