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iXP1-EP-060201 iPad/iPad2 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Textured Leather Case (ABS)

2 in 1 iPad/iPad2 Case and Wireless Keyboard

The iXP1-EP-060201 iPad / iPad2 / iPhone / iPod / iPod touch ABS wireless keyboard provides the ease of typing with a keyboard on your iPad and iPad2. Now you have the same convenience when type on your desktop and laptop computers. Available with a protective case cover. IXP1-EP-060201 has Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard integrated with a protective textured leather case. The Silicone wireless operation keyboard is water and oil proof and also protects the iPad/iPad2 screen from scratching when the case is closed. ABS Bluetooth Key board includes special keys that active iPad/iPad2 functions. The iXP1 EP-060201 supports the iPad, iPad2, iPhone and the iPod Touch based on OS4.0 or above.

iPad/iPad2 Wireless Keyboard Provides the Ultimate Functionality for your new iPad2. The iXP1-EP060201 solves the problem of typing with the easy of keyboards with desktop computers. The bluetooth wireless capability provides ease of setup and use.

iXP1-EP-060201 ABS Wireless Keyboard and Textured Leather Case Features:

    Exactly functions the same with the laptop keyboard.
    Specially design for Apple iPad and iPad2
    Textured leather material, and stylish
    With magnet cover latch.
    Protect your iPad from knocks, dust, damage, scratches, etc.
    All interfaces, ports and buttons available for direct use.
    Built-in wireless Bluetooth 2.0 silicone keyboard
    Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    76 keys layout with Home shortcut
    Shortcut keys include; screen brightness, volume exit, play/pause, fast -forward, playback and search
    LED light indicator for connectivity
    Supports Bluetooth 2.0/1.2/1.1
    Works with built-in bluetooth devices such as laptop, mobile phones, smartphones, and iPad 2
    Press Key Fn to switch over multimedia controls
    Stylish protective PVC leather case design for iPad with storage pockets for memory cards
    Adjustable iPad/ iPad2 display stand for easy viewing
    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (USB cable included)
    iPad/iPad2 home screen key for easy access to different apps
    Light weight, silent keystrokes, dust-proof, and waterˇVproof design
    Built-in sleep mode for energy saving
    Working distance about 5 meters
    Standby time about 100 days
    Charging time: 4 - 4.5 hours
    Working time under normal use (6-8 hours/day): 25 days
    Uninterrupted working time about 90 hours
    CE, FCC and RoHS
    Package Dimension: 250 x 210 x 30mm (9.8" x 8.3" x 1.2")
    Carton Size for volume orders includes 24 unit per carton, Carton Size is 43*33*45CM. The weight of the carton is N.W :17KG and G.W: 18KG

iXP1-EP-060201 ABS Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Solution

The iXP1-EP-060201 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard has been designed to be the ultimate accessory for the iPad and the iPad2. The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard solves the keyboard ease of use problems with users who want an actual keyboard verses the digital electronic keyboard built into the iPad and iPad2. The iXP1-EP-060201 is an inexpensive solution. Simply sync the EP-060201 to your iPad and iPad2's bluetooth setup and you are up and running ˇV Guaranteed. No more frustration with out the use of a hands on keyboard.


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