iTunes - How can I fix the itunes error 13001 when I sync?


Occasionally, when you update your iTunes application, your external device, such as an iPod Touch or iPhone, may stop syncing properly. If this happens and your error message is coded 13001, here are some steps to take to resolve the issue.

The error will most commonly occur while syncing music. This issue can be resolved by following these steps:

ĦESometimes the issue in syncing can be related to one type of content. Try syncing one thing at a time (e.g., just photos or just music). If the error occurs after syncing a particular type of content, replace the offending files with backups or new copies.
ĦEIf you experience the sync problem while syncing photos, try syncing from a different folder, like your Desktop folder.
ĦEIf the sync problem exists with iTunes content, try rebuilding your iTunes library. If it only occurs while syncing with iPhoto, try rebuilding your iPhoto library (hold option + command while clicking to open iPhoto).
ĦEIf all your content seems to cause the issue, try creating a new user account. Open System Preferences, click Accounts, and click the (+) button to add a new account. Be sure to give the account Admin privileges. If creating a new user resolves the issue, compare your processes using Activity Monitor to determine if a background process is causing an issue with syncing. Quit that process in your original account and attempt to sync.
If you continue to have issues syncing, you may want to try and sync your iPod Touch or iPhone with a different machine. If you are able to sync, further troubleshooting steps on your Mac may be necessary. Consider reinstalling a fresh download of iTunes from or reinstalling the latest Combo Updater for your version of Mac OS X.