iPad Charging and Sync Instructions

IPad - XP1Power Instructions:

1. Synchronizing Instructions: When the XP1Power has the one side of the cable with the USB connector plugged into a computer and the other side with the Apple connector plugged into the iPad, the computer cannot charge the iPad. In this condition the XP1Power can only sync.

2. Charging Instructions: To charge the iPad with the XP1Power, a user can simply attach the Apple connector to the iPad without connecting the USB connector to a computer and the XP1Power will charge the iPad.

3. The XP1Power can charge the iPad to 25% battery level. This charging process takes approximately one hour. Some advantages are listed below.

  • Additional talk time .
  • Additional time on Wi-Fi.
  • Additional Standby time
  • Additional Internet
  • Additional Audio Playback
  • Additional Video Playback
  • Have power in emergencies.


XP1Power Rechargeable Battery Charging and Sync Capabilities for iPad

Give your iPad extra power while on the road using the XP1Power. The battery backup power you need built right into your USB sync/charging Cable.

Optimize iPad Battery Capability

iPad website provides information regarding optimizing battery times by recommending changing your iPad settings. These tips and ideas mainly include turning off many of the important features you want (Wi-Fi, push email, fewer email accounts, internet, bluetooth, etc.) With XP1Power you keep going with all the features and let the XP1Power be the optimal battery backup. The XP1Power battery provides power when your iPad runs out of juice.


Battery Maintenance Information

In most cases, short battery life for Lithium-ion batteries is mainly caused by heat, rather than charge/discharge patterns. Do not store your battery in places with excess heat. So most important, please do not leave your XP1 or your iPhone/iPod in a hot car. This includes the glove compartment of a car.

  • When you are not going to use your XP1 for long periods of time or plan to store the unit it is best to store with 60% or more of the capacity level in the battery. The XP1 should not be stored when fully charged. The XP1 should also not be stored with a complete discharged. Check the charge level before storing by attaching the USB connector to a power source and looking at the LED status indicators.
  • Battery maintenance issues if followed will improve the life of your battery. Users should not frequently fully discharge the battery because this will add strain on the battery. For the best results from your battery you should charge your XP1 between uses even if it is not fully discharged. The lithium-polymer battery used in this product has no ¡§memory effect.¡¨ Batteries of this type perform best if several partial discharges with frequent recharges are performed. This is a better for the battery than one full discharge. You will extend the life of the battery by following this instruction.


Battery Charging Information - Lithium-ion polymer Fast Charging