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ESD - ElectroStatic Discharge Controls and Procedures

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. ESD can be caused by a buildup of static electricity by tribocharging, or by electrostatic induction.

The purpose of this ESD document is to provide information regarding controlling ESD in order to improve the performance and quality of the products Xmultiple manufactures. Control of ESD is for all Xmultiple factories as well as control of Xmultiple material suppliers. It is intended to educate and train all personnel and especially our engineering, operations and quality control personnel. ESD control and procedures are to be used in our manufacturing factories employee's day-to-day responsibilities.

ESD includes spectacular electric discharge, but also less dramatic forms which may be neither seen nor heard, yet still be large enough to cause damage to the electronic products we manufacture.

ESD can cause a range of harmful effects of importance in our interconnect solutions industry, including failure of solid state electronics components such as integrated circuits used in our products. These can suffer permanent damage when subjected to high voltages. Xmultiple has established electrostatic protective areas free of static, using measures to prevent charging such as avoiding highly charging materials, and measures to remove static. Xmultiple uses ESD protective products to ground our factory manufacturing workers. Xmultiple uses antistatic devices in all factory manufacturing work areas and for protecting products in antistatic bags used through the movement of our products inside our factories. We also control humidity in all our factories to eliminate ESD. ESD simulators are used to test products during the manufacturing process. Xmultiple trains all factory manufacturing employees on ESD on an ongoing basis. ESD materials such as antistatic mats, shoe coverings and wrist bands are purchased from 3M Corporation. Xmultiple distributes the 3M ESD Handbook to all factory manufacturing employees and uses this handbook as the ESD training tool for manufacturing personnel in our manufacturing, storage and shipping areas.

3M ESD Handbook
Xmultiple ESD Audit Checklist
Xmultiple ESD Control and Procedures
ANSI S20.20 ESD Standards Document
Xmultiple ESD Processes Form
Xmultiple ESD CheckList Form
Xmultiple ESD -Surge Measurements of Magnetic Connectors Transformer


Scope for ESD

ESD training and use is shared among all Xmultiple factory manufacturing employees and personnel who come in contact with ESD-sensitive equipment used in any of our manufacturing facilities, packaging, and shipping areas or for any employee coming in contact with our products before they are delivered to our customers. ESD protective packaging is used for all our products. The Electrostatic Discharge Control EPA sign is displayed in our factory manufacturing facilities.

Xmultiple ESA Protection Area (EPA) includes the following six groups which are controlled, monitored and maintained in all of our factory manufacturing facilities.

1. ESD environment: Flooring, grounding, ionizers, and humidifiers.

2. ESD products: ESD products including: Static shielding bags, bins, boxes, organizers, carts, shelving, IC tubes and other ESD packaging for components.

3. ESD workbench and ancillaries: The use of an ESD workbench with ESD straps, ESD seats, etc., to ensure our personnel are grounded via a high resistance dissipative rather than conductive path for safety reasons.

4. ESD tools: A variety of tools come into this category including ESD soldering irons.

5. ESD clothing: The use of ESD clothing. Normal clothing can generate and carry static.

6. ESD storage and transport: Our connectors and components are ESD protected before and during shipping to our customers.

A wide range of ESD Products/Devices are used by Xmultiple in the manufacturing of our products.

1. Grounded wheels
2. Grounded surfaces
3. Wrist Strap testers
4. Footwear plate
5. Footwear tester
6. Wrist Cord and Wrist Band
7. Ground Cord
8. Shipping trays, boxes, bags, tape

9. Earth bonding point (EBP)
10. Antistatic Caps
11. Antistatic Tools

12. Ground point of trolley and carts
13. Toe and heel strap (footwear)
14. Ionizer
15. Working surfaces
16. Seating and grounded pads
17. Antistatic Floor
18. Garments
19. Shelving with grounded surfaces
20. ESD bins, box, organizers
21. Chairs
22. EPA Sign


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