ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) Controls and Procedures


From Xmultiple Engineering Dept.

Xmultiple's Policy Control and Procedures for Electro-Static Discharge.

ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) controls and procedures for the connector industry have no standard for reporting or controlling this element of manufacturing for all types of connectors. ESD is one of the most important issues in the manufacturing of any electronic products and includes the connectors and component required in their production. Xmultiple has extensive anti-static procedures in our factories and plants. Anti-static procedures and controls are the responsibility of our Xmultiple quality control manager in each of our plants. Anti-static procedures for connector manufacturing include four elements of control.

1. Anti-Static Mats

2. Wrist Bands for Grounding

3. Storage and Handling

4. Packaging Material

1. The first control procedure is the use of anti-static mats on all work benches, tables and storage shelves throughout the production factories.

2. The second element of control is the procedure which requires all employees to wear grounding wrist bands. The grounding wrist band is attached to the employee's wrist and a cord from the wrist band attaches to a metal ground on the work bench or anti-static mat. The grounding wrist band provides anti-static grounding for the employees who handle the connectors and the connector's parts. This procedure eliminates static from the connector.

3. Anti-static plastic bags and trays are used to store all parts and finished goods. During each phase of production anti-static plastic bags are used to move parts from one production phase to another.

4. The fourth element of ESD control is the packaging used in shipping connectors to our customer. This element of ESD control is addressed by the use of anti-static packaging material in the packaging.

We need to point out the importance of ESD controls and procedures being used in all phases of the production of electronic devices. The manufacturers of electronic devices for networking and computer products must work with their contract manufacturers (CM) and assembly house companies to assure they are using anti-static procedures in their factories and plants as well.

A wide range of ESD Products/Devices are used by Xmultiple in the manufacturing of our products. These procedures are enforced in all operational areas of our company.

1. Grounded wheels
2. Grounded surfaces
3. Wrist Strap testers
4. Footwear plate
5. Footwear tester
6. Wrist Cord and Wrist Band
7. Ground Cord
8. Shipping trays, boxes, bags, tape

9. Earth bonding point (EBP)
10. Antistatic Caps
11. Antistatic Tools

12. Ground point of trolley and carts
13. Toe and heel strap (footwear)
14. Ionizer
15. Working surfaces
16. Seating and grounded pads
17. Antistatic Floor
18. Garments
19. Shelving with grounded surfaces
20. ESD bins, box, organizers
21. Chairs
EPA Sign

Xmultiple trains all factory manufacturing employees on ESD on an ongoing basis. ESD materials such as antistatic mats, shoes coverings, wrist bands, and testing equipment, etc. are purchased from 3M Corporation. Xmultiple distributes the 3M ESD Handbook to all employees and uses this handbook as the ESD training tool for personnel in our manufacturing, storage and shipping areas.


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