SFP Transceivers and EEPROM Monitoring with A2h Address

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Using A2h Address with EEPROM with Serial ID Functionality

The Xmultiple SFP transceivers are hot-pluggable, 3.3 V, duplex-LC transceivers that provide a high-speed serial link at a signaling rate of up to 2.125 Gbps. They are designed for use in ANSI Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet applications. These transceivers provide the LC optical receptacle that is compatible with the industry-standard LC connector.

The digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM) interface uses the same two-wire serial ID interface defined in the SFP MSA specification. The standard serial ID information is located at address A0h. Using address A2h, the user can monitor transceiver parameters, including temperature, voltage, laser bias current, laser power, and receiver power. Alarms and warnings are provided when the monitored parameters exceed predefined threshold values. All transceivers include a loss-of-signal-detect circuit, which provides a TTL logic high output when an unusable input optical signal level is detected.


SFP and SFP+ Reference Drawing and Datasheets

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