Expedite Request- Product Order

Xmultiple receives a high number of requests to expedite orders. In order to better serve you, please supply as much information as possible about your order. Upon completion, a representative will e-mail you with progress involved in expediting your order. Please understand a request to expedite is of the highest priority to Xmultiple.

Expedite Order Information

Order Number :*


Provide quantity and desired delivery date with your expedite request. Let us know if you can accept a smaller quantity if we can expedite
: *


Xmultiple's Expedite Delivery Checklist and Information.

To make sure we have all the information necessary to try to expedite your order please review this checklist.

1. Fill out the form above completely. The order number must be entered and if you have been provided your Xmultiple order confirmation number, please enter this number as well.

2. Fill out Shipping Instruction Form and please provide a partial order volume if you can accept a partial delivery.

3. Choose the desired delivery date you are requesting. After Xmultiple confirms we are expediting, please note that the leadtimes we will provide you cannot be expedited if our material suppliers do not succeed in their attempt to expedite the material deliveries to our manufacturing plants. Material suppliers cannot guarantee the expedite process even if they are working to make this expediting process happen for your order.

4. Expedite delivery dates are only tentative and therefore you cannot plan your production schedule based on these expedite dates Xmultiple provides to you. Expedite dates mean the production has the highest priority, however production issues are being pushed on a day to day basis. Therefore, expedite dates are our "best effort" and not guaranteed delivery dates.

5. We understand if is very hard to provide forecasts for orders, however, if you can provide a forecast, we have a min/max stocking program to perform production to stock for your future orders. If you can place your next future order, please do this as soon as possible.

Xmultiple's production managers will work hard day to day to make your expedite process happen.



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