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Developing Products - Xmultiple Technologies Design and Development

Xmultiple designs and develops products for our customers. The steps we use are provided below. Xmultiple complies with all ISO9001:2015 standards when designing all of our products.

ISO 9001 Design and Development 7.3

7.3.1 Planning. Who is going to do it? How and when will they communicate with one another?

7.3.2 Input. At the start of the design process we have some design brief or outline specification. In addition to the technical aspects of product design, we also used our quality/business objectives to form the design input to develop an advanced product. Xmultiple looks for innovated ways to improve and make the design a new and lead-edge product. In addition, at this input stage of product design we look for ways to make the production and assembly at the lowest possible cost. Our modular magnetic connectors have been designed to reduce production cost by using a modular magnetic section inside the connector which can be tested prior to the final assembly of the connector.

7.3.3 Output. The final drawing or specification should meet the input requirements. The output would normally be used as basis for Purchasing and Process control.

7.3.4 Review. At key stages of the design relevant people should review the design to ensure that the inputs are met and to identify and resolve any technical problems.

7.3.5 Verification. Basic concept - "Does it work on paper?"

7.3.6 Validation. Basic concept - "Does it work in reality?"

7.3.7 Changes. Consider the impact of proposed changes, especially in terms of "backwards compatibility."


Xmultiple Design Review Step

Design review is something we do periodically during the design process to make sure were on track. Is everything going as planned? Have any problems come up? Do we need to do something differently? The whole point of design review is to identify and remove roadblocks to successful design.

During design planning, we identified the various stages of the design. As part of this, we also determined the number and timing of the design reviews. Every design will have at least one design review, and complex or troublesome designs may require many more.
People involved in design reviews must include the representatives from functions involved in that stage of the design. So, excluding a key player for the sake of convenience would be a problem. Finally, design reviews always produce records. The record will indicate the results of the reviews and any necessary actions the design team decided to take. Design review includes meeting minutes, memos, design files, emails, or other records.

Xmultiple Design and Development Verification

Verification is where we compare the outputs against the inputs. Does the available evidence indicate that the design will meet our requirements? The verification could consist of calculations, simulations, prototype evaluation, lab tests, and comparison against samples, first article inspection, or other methods. Xmultiple maintains records of design verification, and these records indicate the results of verifications and any actions necessary.

Xmultiple Design and Development Validation

Validation is similar to verification, except with validation our engineers actually checking the designed product under conditions of actual use. Verification is theoretical, but validation is the real world. We conduct validation prior to delivery or implemented product.

Call us and we will design and develop a customized product for you in the half the time using our extensive experience and development procedures.

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