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Finding the right RJ connector for your requirement is fast and easy. RJ connectors have a number of features and options. Configure your options and we will provide you with drawings and datasheets for all the connectors for your needs.


Configure You Connector Options:

1. LEDs

With or without LEDs

2. Shielding

3. EMI Tabs

4. Number of Positions and Contacts

5. Transformer Integrated

6. Model Type / Style

7. Number of Ports

Note: An extensive variety of LED Colors are available. See Xmultiple Color Chart if you do not see the color for your requirement in the drawings or datasheets. Contact plating is provided in a variety of dimensions for all connectors.


Additional Configuration Tools - Xmultiple Resource Tools


Xmultiple's website provides excellent tools for finding and comparing connectors and component products. Users of our website can checking distributor inventory, access marketing materials and have quick access to an extensive industry knowledge base. Additional resources include tools to find drawings and specifications on thousands of products.


Find Drawings and Documents Cross Reference Products Check Product Compliance

Browse Xmultiple's document and drawing database by product number, product series number or document number. Product drawings include the specification for each connector or component.

Enter our Xmultiple part number or a competitive part number and receive a list of part numbers, Xmultiple brand part numbers include prefix numbers to indicate the product series.

View the RoHS and REACH compliance of the specified products for your project. If a product is not compliant, an alternate product will be provided.


Contract Manufacturing List

Find Distributors Check Distributors Inventory
Contract Manufactures are located around the world and Xmultiple works closely with all CMs. Search by location for an authorized distributors for specific products and all of our connectors. Enter an Xmultiple part number and receive a list of authorized distributors.
IC Cross Reference Picture Search

Knowledge & Glossary

Search our IC Cross Reference Database for chipsets for your project. Search our database of connector series by picture search. Search our knowledge database for industry information.
Design Center Contact Plating Soldering Information
Tools to assist with your connector and component design requirements. Information regarding the contact pin plating on connectors Information for the flow soldering temperatures for connectors.


AVL Checklist Sample Approval Checklist  Tradeshow
Approved Vendor List (AVL) Checklist for review of key decision requirements. Sample checklist of all the connector specifications. List of Tradeshows and their locations and dates.

Have A Problem Using Our Search? - Please call us Xmultiple Technology, Inc. - Telephone: 1-805-579-1100

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