Supply Chain - Xmultiple Code of Conduct

Xmultiple Supplier Code of Conduct

Xmultiple maintains a Code of Conduct for its suppliers and the code is audited on an ongoing basis. Xmultiple has many suppliers for materials and assembly of our extensive lines of connector and component products. Our code of conduct extends to the subcontractors our suppliers may use. Xmultiple suppliers issued this Code of Conduct to their employees and suppliers must comply with this code.

Xmultiple Chemical Substances Specification For Products and Packaging is adhered to by all suppliers as well as the subcontractors under terms of this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct covers the product environmental information required from Xmultiple suppliers who supply Products, Sub-Assemblies, Components, and Materials that are present in Xmultiple products.

  • All Xmultiple Suppliers are to comply and conform to the ISO9001:2015 Standard.
  • The Code of Conduct Includes procedures and policies used to for product and packaging environmental requirements.
  • Environmental standards are audited by Xmultiple for all Suppliers
  • Bill of Substance, Declaration of Non-Use, and Substance Testing are conducted by all Suppliers
  • Material Declarations are maintained for all substance limits and thresholds.


Code of Conduct Agreement with Xmultiple Suppliers

Xmultiple Suppliers EICC Declaration of Business Ethics and Compliance

Conflict of Mineral Use Statements and Templates