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  ClearXpointer Fingertip Cleaning Pointer

Place the ClearXpointer on your fingertip and you are cleaning while you use your product. The ClearXpointer cleans all multi-touch glass screens removing fingerprints and dirt. The ClearXpointer cleans the single most important part of your iPad, iPad2, iPhone, Blackberry or any other tablet computer or cellphone which is your display screen and it does this cleaning with ease. Unlike most cleaning clothes and liquid clean sprays, you have all the cleaning you need at on one fingertip. Users can just place the ClearXpointer on their fingertip all the time during the day while using their touch screen. Reuse over and over.

ClearXpointer is a convenient cleaning solution for your iPad/iPad2, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Cellphones, Tablet Computers, TouchScreen Computers, or any other touch screen device íV The ClearXpointer solves the touch display screen cleaning problem. And there are no chemicals

ClearXpointer Features and Advantage

  • Cleans your touch display screen while you use your device
  • Made with revolutionary microfiber cleaning cloth. What is microfiber?
  • Multiple cloth layer tip to clean with power
  • One Finger cleaning pad which cleans as you point and click
  • Comfortable soft feeling interior
  • Available in 6 colors (blue, green, red, yellow and black)
  • Small and forms tightly on your finger
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Made with Anti-scratch protective mcirofiber material
  • Cleans fast, easy and is environmentally friendly
  • Reusable and you can machine wash hundreds of times
  • Patent Pending - The fingertip cleaning pointer
  • Press release

Retail $2.50 - Promotional Sale $1.25

Miniumum order four (4) ClearXpointer - $5.00

Order Six (6) ClearXpointer - $6.95

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