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iXP1-500 iPad/iPad2 Adatper & XP1Power Connectors

1. iXP1-500 USB Power Adapter Charger - iXP1-500 USB Power Adatper is a must have product for iPad / iPad2 user's. The iXP1-500 iPad / i Pad2 adapter solves the problems iPad / iPad2 users have charging from their USB port on their desktop and laptop computers. The iXP1-500 is all about the convenience to charge from your PC. You will need multiple units so you have one for your car, home and office. iXP1-500 product overview.


2. Interchangeable iXP1 Connector Cables - iXP1 cable connector adapters are interchangeable with the XP1Power Mobile Charging Cable. iXP1 cable connector adapters will be released for most SmartPhones, CellPhones, gaming devices, PDA's, camera's, GPS, Wireless headsets and MP3 players. The iXP1 cable connectors are high-quality connectors. All iXP1 adapters have Type A USB male connectos which attach to the Universal XP1Power Type A USB female connectors.

Devices - iPhone, iPod,  iPad & iPad2            Devices MiniUSB

Devices - MicroUSB


iXP1 Interchangeable Cable Connector Adapters