iXP1-500 iPad Power Adapter and XP1Power CE Certificate

XP1Power and iXP1-500 RoHS compliance certificates are listed below.


XP1Power CE Certificate is listed below.

iXP1-500 Features and Specifications

iXP1-500 Power Adapter for iPad V Charges The iPad from Any PCs USB Port
Product Number iXP1-500 Patent Patent Pending
Price -Quantity 1-5 $9.99 Available Colors Black & White
Price -Quantity 5-10 $9.50 Connector Types Type A USB male and female interfaces
Price -Quantity-10-50 $9.24 Bulk Order Box 300 Units
Works With USB AC, USB hubs, and USB car adapter Condition New
Works with Existing USB Cable USB cable included with iPad Unit Dimensions 1.5x0.75x0.25 inches
3.8x1.9x0.6 cm
Packaging Individually Packaged Unit Weighs 0.02 lbs. / 0.01 kg
Regulatory Approval CE Warranty Period 90 Days
Country Manufactured China Tech Support 1-800-753-9526