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Xmultiple Innovation - Xmultiple is known for Development and Design of Quality Connectors, Components and a Wide Range of Interconnect Products

Our Brand ¡XHow Xmultiple's Name Impacts The Connector and Component Market

2017 marks the 18th year that Xmultiple has been providing market-leading interconnector solution products and services to small, midsized and large companies. Throughout our history, our commitment to customers has been at the center of everything we do. It is a commitment that has helped make Xmultiple a recognized global leader in supplying "Interconnect Solutions" products such as connectors and components. Xmultiple Trademark worldwide.

Xmultiple Brand Creator

Brand identity cannot be dissociated from the creator¡¦s identity and the Xmultiple brand name is associated with our founder and the inventor of the 4,978,317 patent for RJ connectors with integrated lights. The influence of the "317" patent is in every connection people make to the Internet when they are attached to networking and computer equipment. The Xmultiple brand identity will always be linked to this '317' patent which was granted in 1980. The life of the patent has ended however the technology is present in today's connectivity products. The Xmultiple brand is woven into a set of values and a history of inspiration and innovation of connectors and components. Xmultiple understands the importance of second sourcing and we manufacturer our products to be pin to pin compatible with existing competitive products as well. The Xmultiple brand values are respected, and as our customer's know we are designing and developing leading edge new products for all of their requirements.

Xmultiple Brand Commitment

Xmultiple is extending that commitment in 2017 with innovative new releases of connectors and component products with higher density. We also released our 10Gb connectors with high speed capabilities for this emerging 10Gb performance. We strive to design and produce, enhanced products, new services, and interconnector product enhancing features such as Xmultiple's "CopperShark" product line which will increase the density of RJ connectors used on networking and industrial products. Great product and great people is how we are building our brand name. It is all about people. Our people have built our culture based on creating innovation.

What¡¦s changing

In 2017 we will released many new connector and component products, including those based on the 9,509,109 patent for RJ and MicroSD combo connectors with and without magnetics. In addition we stated high volume shipments of connectors designed for the 10GB networking solutions. In 2017 we will continue to release new lead edge connector products. These 10GB adapter products work with existing networks and permits users to easily convert 10/100/1000Mbps to the 10Gb speed. The 10Gb adapters attached existing RJ45 connectors on computers and laptops.

Xmultiple has expanded our part numbering system approach which permits part numbers denoting increasing levels of performance and speed. Our product numbering sets include XMD, XMM, XMH, XMG, XMF and XMP products.

However, these changes are more than in name alone. Each product family will offer the connector solutions you need for your products.

Xmultiple recently introduced our new website section called the "Inquiry Cart". The "Inquiry Cart" combines the resources of thousands of connector and component drawings for your requirements with all the tools you need to find the right connector for your application. At the same time we expanded the easy of using our website to find the product solutions you need, we increased the tools you need to design your products and we provide contract manufacturing company listings to find the partners you need to build your products.

Xmultiple Cultural Values - Defining Corporate Values

Xmultiple culture is about being the source of innovation for electronic connectors and components. Our values are fundamental to the way we operate and how we recruit, evaluate and compensate our people.

Xmultiple Cultural Value - Defining Corporate Values
Xmultiple Cultural Value Document

Xmultiple Customer Award Winning

Xmultiple Receives Avaya Key Supplier Award - Xmultiple Technologies, Inc. received the ¡§Key Supplier Award¡¨ from Avaya. This award recognizes Xmultiple¡¦s key customer service and sales effort to support Avaya in meeting their requirements for connector and component products for the interconnect solutions and telecommunications markets. Avaya Letter of Appreciation

Xmultiple Years of Service

Xmultiple remains fully committed to expanding and advancing our connector and component products we manufacturer. We remain fully committed to delivering a superior product as well as to provide second source solutions which are pin to pin compatible to competitor's products. Call us on the phone, work with us through the web, and get the answers you need to design and build your products.

Please explore our website for more information and drawings for the products you need. You¡¦ll find a brief preview of what¡¦s ahead for our new products currently being released. Watch a brief overview video that describes the brand name evolution, then read information on how the new products we are release affect the products you are building today and in the future.


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