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ARINC 600 Connector Series - RoHS Certified


ARINC 600, Rack & Panel connector Series, feature rear release/rear removable low insertion force contacts. The ARINC 600 connectors are available both in environmental resistant and non- resistant versions.

The series uses contact sizes of #1, #8, #12, #16, #20, #22 and Coax sizes of (#1, #5, #8).
The connectors are available in 3 sizes: size 1 (low profile) and size 2 with 3 gangs only while size 3 comprises 6 gangs (the maximum number of contacts of # 22 is 800 ).

The ARINC 600 connectors are used mainly in Avionic applications. Filters and protection components are built in as fixed and/or replaceable modules. A diversity of filters and protection types as well as power line filters can be applied to meet RTCA specification.

There are three classes of ARINC Standards:

ARINC Characteristics: Define the form, fit, function, and interfaces of avionics, cabin systems, and aircraft networks.

ARINC Specifications: Define the physical packaging or mounting of avionics and cabin equipment; communication, networking and data security standards; or a high-level computer language.

ARINC Reports: Provide guidelines or general information found by the aviation industry to be preferred practices, often related to avionics maintenance and flight simulator engineering and maintenance.

Xmultiple Technologies offers three shell types to meet the requirements of all ARINC 600 MCU standard sizes:

Shell Type 1 Plug is designed to accommodate a 1 MCU tray or larger
Shell Type 2 Plug is designed to accommodate a 2 MCU tray or larger
Shell Type 3 Plug is designed to accommodate a 4 MCU tray or larger

ARINC 600 Insert connectors are provided in a variety of options. Please call for inserts to match the shell type for your requirement.

Xmultiple ARINC 600 Connector Specifications:

  • Fully qualified under Arinc 600 Standards
  • Four (4) contact length sizes available
  • Temperature range: - 65XC/+125XC
  • Temperature life: 1000 hours at 125 XC
  • Salt spray: MIL-STD-1344 method 1001.1 test condition B (48 hours)
  • Moisture resistance: MIL-STD-1344 method 1002.1 test condition II (10 times 24 hours)
  • Sealing: environmental resistance to running water (environmental version only)
  • Fluid resistance: resistance to MILSTD-1344 method 1016 (fluids a, e, i)
  • Durability: 500 mating and unmating cycles
  • Vibration specification conforming to MIL-STD-1344 method 2005.1 test condition 5 letter E. (16,4g from 50 to 2000 Hz, 8 hours per direction)
  • 50g 11 ms half sine. MIL-STD-1344 method 2004.1, 3 impacts per direction
  • Mating force for 3 connector sizes: size 1: 27 pounds (120 N) max, size 2: 60 pounds (267 N) max, size 3: 105 pounds (467 N) max
  • Good performance of environment resistance
  • 216 kinds of anti-misoperation styles
  • High desity up to 800 signal contacts
  • Low insertion and extraction force
  • Contacts:signal, power,coaxial,triple coaxial, optical fiber
  • Mounting panel are insulator modules for free collocation
  • Apply to aviation and military equipment cabinet
  • Standard: E/SC-A(05)-254-2008


1. Material and Surface Treatments

Shell, Insulator, Contact and Seal Material and Plating
Aluminum Alloy
PPS Plastic
Cooper Alloy
Gold Plating
Encapsulate & Sealed Ring
Silcon Rubber


2. Mechanical Properties

Durability: 500 times

Vibration: 10Hz~ 2000Hz, 196m/s2

Shock: 490m/s2

Engaging & separating force:

Type1: 120N

Type2: 267N

Type3: 467N


3. Electric Properties

Dielectric strength

Sea Level

Insulation resistance: no less than 5000 M[

Rated voltage: 500V max (sea level) and 125V at 21000m

Environment temperature: -65J~125J

Salt spray: 96h


ARINC 600 Brochure

1. ARINC 600 Xmultiple Brochure includes Shell Types, Insert Configurations and Cables. ARINC 600 Brochure

How to Order Xmultiple ARINC Products



All ARINC connectors are available sealed or unsealed.

Call for ARINC Connector Options - Toll-free for US : 800-753-9526



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