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Xmultiple manufacturers patent pending and patent electronic products related to the rechargeable battery industry. The XP1Power iPhone/iPod USB Sync/Charging rechargeable battery and cable are designed to meet the needs for smartphone and cellphone users.

The XP1Power sync/charge cable with the integrated rechargeable battery provides the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod with a backup rechargeable power. User's take their XP1Power cable with them when you are on the go. If their iPod Touch, iPod or iPhone runs out of juice, they just plug the XP1Power cable in and they have the power they need to get up and running.

Our iXP1-500 iPad USB Adapter solves the charging problem for iPad users. The iXP1-500 is patent pending.

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The peace of mind knowing you have an additional power source in your desk, purse, and car or in your notebook case when needed. Users can take the XP1Power with them when you are traveling, hiking, camping, biking, and skiing, to sporting events, in airplanes or just running around town. They carry the XP1Power as they would their standard sync/charge cable, but with the added bonus of an integrated battery. Backup power for iPhone/iPod users anytime they need it.

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We are Seeking exceptional people to join Xmultiple and the XP1Power product group.

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The XP1Power has the ability to charge the iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch's internal battery fast. XP1Power is available in different lengths: 12 inches, and 42 inches and also offered in a small compact retractable cable design for easy storage.

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