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-RJ45/MicroSD with Integrated Security Microprocessor Chip

X-SmartJack Innovation ¡X How Xmultiple's Technology impacts the Security Market is based on the point of entry where unauthorized access can be stopped right at the source of the connection.

Xmultiple 'Security On A Chip In A Connector

Xmultiple's Xsmart Technology is a new approach for networking and computer security. Xmultiple was granted the #9,509,109 patent which embeds security into a microprocessor chip which integrates into a RJ connectors used for all connections to the Internet.

Putting "security on a chip integrated into a RJ connector" sounds like the right kind of approach to stop unauthorized access right at the connection source. As Mr. Alan Pocrass, CEO of Xmultiple Technologies, Inc., explains it, "security on a chip integrated into a connector" does not mean just stuffing antivirus into silicon, it is also about managing and securing computers, networking, and mobile devices right at the source of the connection.

The emerging Internet of Things (loT) marketplace is radically changing our world. Estimates suggest that in the next 4-5 years, 30 billion to 50 billion ¡§things¡¨ will be deployed. These devices will range from relatively simple sensors to complex data collectors and they will require security right at their source.

If you give a computer or mobile device to an employee that contains sensitive information on it, you want to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hand and more importantly you want to stop any unauthorized use on the device.

Security is a "device management" challenge that becomes more difficult when you have to do it across multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Apple's iOS and Google's Android. It's a headache not only for the businesses who provide these devices, but the telecommunications companies that connect them.

How do these businesses manage computers and mobile devices? Currently, with software. Aside from some location features, most of these kinds of tasks ¡V file virus scanning for example -- are done via applications and not baked into the device itself. All kinds of companies make money providing these features in applications for security. Our Xsmart can be capable of performing file virus scan on the connector and these files never leave the connector. The device with the Xsmart connector is protected before the security issues ever enter the CPU or memory of the device.

Security is currently handled at "the application level". With the Xmultiple ¡§Xsmart¡¨ connector, it is moved into the hardware itself. In the marketplace, we call this "moving the functionality down the stack," which is an easier way of saying that the action is going to happen deeper inside the system levels, in this case "below" the operating system level.

Xsmart Technology deals with device reputation in different operating systems all the time. The key element of the Xsmart connector is that it has a high capacity Micro SD flash memory card to store mass amounts of data to keep unauthorized data from passing through the Xsmart connector until the integrated software chip checks that the data is authorized and virus free.


X-SMART - With Security Microprocessor Chip

Xmultiple named this connector the X-SMARTJACK connector because optionally we integrate a security microprocessor chip which uses a portion of the MicroSD capacity to store data being collected regarding the per port status of the connection. The data is scanned with our antivirus integrated software. In addition to the Xsmart security Microprocessor chip, the X-SMARTJACK connectors have versions integrated with magnetics for transmission of 10/100/1000Mbps as well as 2.5GB, 5GB, and 10GB transmission.



Xmultiple Global Strategic Partners

Xmultiple Global Strategic Partners

Xmultiple and strategic partners create custom support and development solutions together. Global Strategic and Alliance Partners are our industry peers, working with us to customize, integrate, and bring joint Xsmart solutions to market.

Enroll in a Xsmart Development or Integrator Programs

Submit your enrollment request online today for the Xsmart Development One Program or Integrators One Programs or the License Access Xsmart Program.

If your company has already a registered Xmultiple account user, then you can use this same enrollment system to add yourself to your company¡¦s partner program account.

Before you can submit your enrollment request, you will need to log into your Xmultiple account - Xmultiple Registered Account User Logon.

Our Xmultiple Registered Accounts Login (XRAL) is Xmltiple¡¦s authentication service for Xmultiple's online systems that require account credentials and profile information.


Enroll in a Program

Once you are logged into your Xmultiple account, select the Enroll in a Program link. In the enrollment system you will be asked whether you wish to enroll your company into a Xsmart Development One program, or add yourself to your company¡¦s Xsmart Integrator One program. Both of these programs include a license agreement.

The programs you can enroll in online are:

Xsmart Development One Program - designed for partners who want custom Develpment of the Xmultiple Xsmart Microprocessor chip.

Xmultiple Integrator One Program- designed for technology partners to integrate and certify their solutions with Xmultiple Xsmart products.

Access Xsmart License Program - Companies who want to license the Xsmart Technology for use in their products.

For company enrollment in a program, your application will be reviewed after it is submitted. The approval notice of your application will be sent in an email stating that you can now log into the Xmultiple partner portal.


Access Your Partner Program Account In our Xsmart License Portal

If your company has already enrolled in the Xsmart Partner Program you can access your account through our XSmart License Portal.

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