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  iXP1 PowerShark Slimline Chargers

iXP1 Powershark Slimline Chargers are convenient and a must have product for all tablet and cellphone users. The iXP1 Powershark has a powerful 2200mAh battery about the size of AAA batteries (23mm x 91mm) and at $35 you may want to purchase a few. iXP1 PowerSharks are available in blue, red, yellow, purple and black.

iXP1 PowerShark Charging with a USB port is in a great solution for "Power On-The-Go"¡V The iXP1 PowerShark solves your power problems

The iXP1 PowerShark provides a powerful integrated rechargeable battery for hours of backup run-time power. Charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, DROID, Nokia, Motorola or any other SmartPhone/CellPhone and more. With the iXP1 PowerShark you have interchangable adapters tips to connect to your all your devices. The iXP1 PowerShark charger provides power for tablets, smartphones, cellphones, GPS, PDA, gaming device, MP3 Player, Wireless headset, MiFi and more. The iXP1 PowerShark provides hours of extra power, even when you're nowhere near a power source.


iXP1 PowerShark SlimLine Chargers

iXP1 PowerShark Specifications
Output Voltage 5.5V
Output Current 800 mA
Input Voltage 5V
Input Current 500 mA
Dimensions 23.5 mm x 93 mm
Weight 83g
Capacity  2200 mAh 
Part Numbers iXP1-4B (Blue), iXP1-4Y (Yellow), iXP1-4BL (Black), iXP1-4P (Purple), iXP1-4R (Red) 


iXP1 PowerShark Features and Advantage

  • Integrated Female USB Type A connector to attach to your existing Apple USB cable¡¦s male USB Type A connector
  • SlimLine compact design
  • Size 23.5 mm x 93 mm
  • Powerful 2200mAh Battery
  • Available in five colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Black)
  • Power on/set button
  • Power shuts off automatically
  • LED Status
  • Red LED lights when charging from ¡§IN¡¨ PowerShark port and green LED when charging the ¡§OUT¡¨ USB Attached Device
  • Works with car adapters
  • Works with most hubs
  • Includes USB retractable charging cable
  • Includes five TIPs - (miniUSB, MicroUSB, Samsung, Sony/Ericsson and Nokia small head connector tip)
  • Works with Apple USB cable provided with iPod, iPhone, iPhone3, iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPad and iPad2
  • Works with USB charging cables provided with major brands of cellphone's and smartphone's
  • Works with USB wallpate adapte to charge from an electrical outlet
  • Carton Packaging Information (volume orders)

Retail $39.99 Promotional Sale $29.99

    (Promotion available in Blue only) Includes five tips and retractable USB charge cable.

iXP1 PowerShark Manual and Information

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