X-SMART Connector MicroSD Card Connector With Integrated Security/Data Analysis Microprocessor - Specifications


The Xmultiple X-SMARTJACK connector series is an RJ45 and MicroSD combination connector. X-SMARTJACK is an excellent solution which provides flash memory capacity to a wide range of computer and networing products. X-SMARTJACK connectors have flash memory storage capacity which can use to collect, store and retrieve data. Datasheet

Xmultiple X-SMARTJACK - Security Integrated Inside the Connector On Microprocessor.

Putting "security on a chip integrated into a RJ connector" is the right kind of approach to stop unauthorized access right at the connection source. "Security on a chip integrated into a connector" does not mean just stuffing antivirus into silicon, it is also about managing and securing computers, networking, and mobile devices right at the source of the connection.


X-SMARTUSB Combo - USB Connector and MicroSD

Xmultiple X-SMARTUSB combo USB connector and a MicroSD card connector integrated in one small form factor. This connector is available in standard A and B, mini and micro USB connector types.The MicroSD card reader connector specifications of the X-SMARTMicroUSB and X-SMARTUSB combo connectors is listed below. DataSheet . Please call all for Drawing with Dimensions




SMT MicroUSB / MicroSD Top and Bottom 3D View


MicroSD Card Reader Connector Specifications
Current rating: 0.5A
Voltage rating: 125VAC
Operating Temp. Range: -25C to +85C (Note 1), Storage Temp. Range: -40ºC to +85 degreesC Operating humidity range: RH 95%max. (No condensation)


1. Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ min. (initial value) Measure at 500V DC
2. Withstanding voltage No flashover or insulation breakdown 500V AC / 1 minute
3. Durability Contact resistance: 40 mΩ max. (change from initial value) 10,000 cycles, 400 to 600 cycles per hour (DM3AT, DM3B), 5,000 cycles, 400 to 600 cycles per hour (DM3C, DM3D)
4. Contact resistance 100mΩ max. (initial value) 1mA
8. Resistance to
soldering heat
No deformation of components affecting performance Reflow: At the recommended temperature profile, Manual soldering: 350 degreesC for 3 seconds
4. Vibration No electrical discontinuity of 100ns or longer - No damage, cracks, or parts dislocation Frequency: 10 to 55 Hz, single amplitude of 0.75 mm,3 directions for 2 hours
5. Humidity Contact resistance: 40 mΩ max. (change from initial value), Insulation resistance: 100MΩ min., No damage, cracks or parts dislocation 96 hours at 40degrees, and humidity of 90 to 95%
6. Temperature cycle Contact resistance: 40mΩ max. (change from initial value), Insulation resistance: 100MΩ min., No damage, cracks or parts dislocation -55 degreesC -> 5 to 35 degreesC -> 85 degreesC -> 5 to 35 degreesC, Times: 30 min. -> 5 min. -> 30 min. -> 5 min., 5 cycles


X-SMART Connectors Datasheet
X-SMART Connector Press Release
X-SMART Connector - Optional Logic Chip With Integrated Magnetics




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