A Good Idea Solves iPad Charging Issue - Now Use the iXP1-500 With Your Existing USB Cable & Charge From Your PC


iXP1-500 iPad Adapter- iPad Charging Adapter

A Must Have Product for iPad Users


Charge your iPad with Your PC - Guaranteed

Convenience to charge your iPad with you USB port on your computer and any other charger as well.

The iXP1-500 iPad Charging Adapter is the a small form factor and solves the problem of charging through any USB port. You no longer have to be held back by Appleˇ¦s restriction of not being able to charge your iPad on a standard USB port if you do not own a Mac. The iPad Charging Adapter makes charging easy without the limitation of finding a wall plate. The iXP1-500 provides you with the means to charge in any way you want with your computer. PC users will find that if they own an iPad this product is a "must have" product.

Works with all the Apple iPad - any version

  • Works with Apple USB cable provide with iPad
  • Type A female and Type A male Connector
  • White in Color
  • Black Color Optional
  • Works with Car Adapter
  • Works with Most Hubs

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows you to charge your iPad with any computer or USB hub and not just Apple computers
  • Connect your Apple USB cable male USB Type A into the iXP1 female USB Type A connector
  • iXP1-500 has a female and male USB Type A connector, the male USB Type A plugs into you PC
  • Once All Connected - charge your iPad with your PC
  • Remove to perform sync function
  • Lightweight, slim and compact size
  • Available Colors White and Black
  • Works with Car Adapters
  • Conveniently Charge your iPad without being a slave to an wall outlet
  • Attach Type A USB male of cable to Type A USB female of iXP1-500 adapter
  • Patent Pending


  • Weight of adapter - 0.02 lbs / 0.01 kg
  • Unit Dimensions -1.4 x 1.6 x 0.25 inches (H x W x D approximate)
  • iXP1-500 is backed by the Xmultiple 90 Day warranty