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TB, XPHD, XSBB, WF and WH Series - Header Assembly and Crimp Style Connector Product Details - Reference Drawings


Click on the Drawing or Schematic to Open and Download - Xmultiple manufacturers a complete product line of header assemblies.


P/N - Download Description / ProductSheet
TGP-085-06A Terminal Strip
TGP-085-04A Terminal Strip
TB123-1-X-X-0-5 Terminal Strip, 10.16mm Single Contacts
TB902-2-X-B-1 Terminal Strip
TB501-X-2 Terminal Block
XSBB-050 Header Assembly - 41 Pins -ProductSheet
XPHD-SP1001X-xxTx Header SMT - Cross JST SM02-SRSS-TB, and SM04-SRSS-TB
XPHD-3410-3xxxMSxxNAx Header Male Three Rows, 180 degree, DIP
XPHD-2.54BOX Header Assembly- Cross Tyco 5103308 Header - 2.54 Box. ProductSheet
XPHD-M102D-001 Header Assembly- 2.54mm Pin Header Straight Single Row - Cross Molex 22-03-2021
WF3962-WS08W01 Header Assembly-Straight Pins with Pegs- Cross Molex SD-42471-001
XPHD-M203D-001 Header Assembly- 2.54mm Pin Header Straight Dual Row - Cross Molex 10-89-7061
WH2019-WS1-x-B-xx Crimp Style Connector-2.54MM-WAFER-straight-2PIN-white, UL94V-0- Cross Molex 22-23-2021 (A-6373-02A102)
WH2019-WS1-3-B-xx Crimp Style Connector= 2.54MM-WAFER-straight, 3 pins, brown
WH3002-WS-x-B-xx Crimp Style Connector-Wafer, 3.96mm pitch, straight (top entry), 8 pins, 1k/bag
WH2010-WS-x-B Crimp Style Connector-2.5mm pitch, Wafer, straight, 2 pins- Cross JST B2B-EH-A(LF)(SN)
XPHD-JS-1254D PCB Header
XPHD-IDH-50A1GN1R 2.54mm Male Header R/A Type Connector with short ejector
XPHD-3112-06G00SBA- PCB Header - Cross Molex 87831-0641
XPHD-254ejectorheader- 2.54mm Ejector Header, Straight
XPHD-SBx2541-2xxH- PCB Header - Cross TE 5102321-5
XPHD-1251N Pin header 2.54mm pitch 180X,1*8P,PA9T,gold flash plating,L=13.6
XPHD-1251-239N Pin header 2.54mm pitch 180X, 1*5P,PA9T,gold flash plating,L=12.8
XPHD-1750-A0N Female header 2.54mm pitch 180X,1*5P,PA9T,gold flash plating,H=7.1,phosphor bronze,DIP3.0
XPHD-1850-A0N Female header 2.54mm pitch 180X,1*8P,PA9T,gold flash plating, H=8.5,phosphor bronze,DIP3.2
XPHD-JS-1150 Female header 16 pin -Tyco 794490-1
XPHD-SW250-XX-24 Wafer Type header-Tyco 172106-4
XPHD-S2545X-XXGF Box Header-100"(2.54mm) pitch
XPHD-JS1254DR Header Connector - 50 Pin
XPHD-FPC1.25-2-CPB-20P Header Connector
XPHD-PBH001-20SA02G-T Box Header-2.54mm- Dual, Straight- Assmann AWHWxxG-0-x02-T-R


Terminal Block Series Brochure

Termainal Block - Index
Termainal Block -Wire Protector Type
Termainal Block -Rising Clamp Type
Termainal Block -Rising Clamp Type2
Termainal Block -Pluggable Type
Termainal Block -Pluggable Type2
Termainal Block -Pluggable Type 3 and Matching Table
Termainal Block -Spring Clamp Type
Termainal Block -Spring Clamp Type2
Termainal Block -Barrier Type

Terminal Block Market Information

Termainal Block Market and Research

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