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XDVI-S1-24-1-001(A) DVI, 24 Pin
XDVI-S1-24-1-002(A) DVI, 24 Pin
XDVI-S1-24-1-003(A) DVI, 24 Pin
XDVI-S1-29-1-001(A) DVI, 29 Pin
XDVI-S1-29-1-002(A) DVI, 29 Pin
XDVI-S1-29-1-003-02 DVI, 29 Pin, Male, Biege Housing ProductSheet
XDVI-S1-29-1-003(A) DVI, 29 Pin
XDVI-P1-29-1-001(A) DVI, 29 Pin
XDVI-P1-29-1-002 DVI, 29 Pin, ProductSheet
XDVI-P1-29-1-003-01 DVI, 29 Pin, Male, ProductSheet


XDSB Series Of D-Sub Connectors - Reference
Drawings and Schematic

Click on the Drawing or Schematic to Open and Download - Xmultiple manufacturers a complete product line of D-Sub Connectors - Call for a drawing to meet your requirement. Also called "DB connectors," D-sub connectors come with 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pins.


XDSB-1-5-15-3-1-2-03 D-SUB Male 90 degree DIP ProductSheet
XDSB-1-5-40-3-6-1-01 D-SUB 25 Pin Female to 15 Pin Female Dual Port Connector ProductSheet
XDIM-SMD-FX01GXX 8-pin MINI DIN connectors: Male RA connector for PCB assembly
Connectors operate with 15V and 1A min.
Connector ProductSheet



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